The Small Foosball Table for Your Family

Increasingly families are considering purchasing a Small Foosball Table for a number of reasons. In most families, the adults are very busy with their jobs and other activities so they do not have time to play foosball or other games. On the other hand, small children often have plenty of free time, especially during holidays. So if the children are not kept busy, they may be involved in undesirable activities. Hence parents are always looking for activities which their children will enjoy and spend their time. So playing foosball has become a popular activity for children, since they play the game indoors.


There are many advantages of purchasing a Small Foosball Table compared to a conventional table. One of the main advantage is that it will take up less space compared to conventional tables. Many people have small homes and offices so they do not have much space for keeping full sized foosball table. It will also be easier to move the table from one place to another, and store it when not in use. Since the table will be smaller in size, less raw material will be required to make the table, and it will cost less. Hence the buyer will save some money. These tables are also more suitable for children who are smaller in size

Dimensions of the Table

Buyers can choose a small Foosball Table from a variety of sizes, since manufacturers are making different models. Conventional foosball tables used in tournaments have a length of approximately 55 inches since the design of the tables is standardized by the sports regulatory body. On the other hand, the length of a small foosball table may vary from 20 inches to 40 inches. The other dimensions of the table are also proportionately smaller. The steel rods and foosball players are similarly smaller. It should be noted that the small tables usually do not have standard fixed table legs, most are placed on tables or other flat surfaces.

Design of Small Tables

A small Foosball Table should also be selected based on the design of the table. There are some small tables which are table top models, which are placed on flat surfaces like larger tables. Most of the smaller tables available have a table top design which makes them compact and portable. There are also a few small tables which are fold-able and these are usually for the larger sizes of the small tables. Since these tables are used by children who are not very strong, they are not very rugged, and are made from inexpensive material compared to tournament style tables.

Disadvantages of Them

There are also some disadvantages of having a Small Foosball Table compared to a conventional table. The size of the smaller table is very less, so it is often suitable only for small children. As the children grow older and bigger, they will find it difficult to use the small table, since the components are smaller. Usually lower quality materials are used in the inexpensive small tables, hence these tables will get damaged faster. These tables will also have a lower resale value. If older family members wish to play foosball, they find the small table inconvenient and a larger table will have to be purchased.

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