What is a Tournament Choice Foosball Table

For a great game room, you’ll want to make sure to include a foosball table. It’s so great to have a foosball table where you can play at the comfort of your home. It has firm figures on spinning rods which you can control your favorite football player. You’ll enjoy playing mostly this game with a friend because it’s entertaining. In this article, we are going to look at different tournament choice foosball tables that you can get in the market today. They include:

Tornado Sport

When we compare the quality and the price of the Tornado’s sport table soccer, we can simply say it’s not cheap. However, looking at its quality, the tornado sport is the cheapest tournament choice Foosball table. A lot of people prefer this table soccer since it’s durable and you can use it together with your kids as well. You can get it on Amazon.com at $ 1156 and it’s a great foosball table which you can use to initiate your kids to the game.

Kick Glory

Would you like a foosball table with quite a good quality and a reasonable price? Then the kick glory is your best tournament choice foosball table. When we compare kick glory with other foosball tables, it’s smaller and lighter. It would be your ideal table soccer if you have a smaller space or you and your children require learning to play. The kick glory comes with a lifetime unlimited warranty. If some parts of your foosball table smash, you don’t have to worry because the lifetime unlimited warranty would allow you to replace the parts of your table soccer without spending any coin. You can buy the kick glory table soccer in Amazon.com at $238.09.

Carrom Signature

This is the ideal medium-tier tournament choice foosball table and some of its features are like of the high-end foosball tables. You can get this foosball table at an affordable price. If you want table soccer made in the USA? This would be your exact table soccer in 2019. A lot of experienced players prefer the carrom signature because it’s quite an intense foosball table. Its handles are made of hardwood and will allow you to have a comfy grip and you’ll be in a position to control the game even more. It comes with a warranty of 1 year. You can get the carrom signature table soccer on Amazon.com at $703.38.

Garlando G- 500

The garland G-500 is a heavy-duty tournament choice foosball table which is quite fine priced and usually comes with minimal whistles and bells. The garland G-500 is made from Italy and obviously, it has one goalkeeper. It has good quality and incredibly strong with a 1-inch cabinet thickness. It has light, fast and ideal bearings, and rods and this means you won’t get exhausted during an intense match. You can get the garland G-500 foosball table in Amazon.com from $999.00 to $1,499.00. Garlando G-500 foosball table has been officially authorized by ITSF.

Warrior professional

If you want to better your game, this would be your best tournament choice foosball table. It’s officially authorized by ITSF and it’s the most affordable table soccer that you can get in the market. When we compare it with the tornado, it’s a bit slow but durable as well. Warrior professional is made from China and that’s why it stands out. You can get this table soccer in Amazon at $599.

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