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Foosball tables have now been around for over 100 years.  Foosball, table soccer, or whatever you want to call it, we all just can’t stop battling it out on the foosball table.  Heck, there’s over $500,000 in pro foosball tournaments every year here in the United States.  There’s even a European professional foosball tour.  Here at The Foosball Tour, we are in the process of building the ultimate foosball website to help promote local foosball clubs, tournaments and the professional foosball tour here in the United States. We aim to be your official foosball tour website.  In order to do so, we really need your help. So, what better place to start then to find out what foosball players from across the nation and around the world think we can do to improve our favorite sport.  You’ve always wanted a bigger and better pro foosball tour, now here’s your chance!

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A foosball table in every home, office and rec center! Our goal is to establish a community where foosball players throughout the USA can find information on local foosball tournaments, foos clubs, promoters, and pro foosball tour events. To easily communicate with one another to build friendships and help improve the sport we all love. It's time for more affordable foosball tables, bigger prize money, and a growing player base of new foosball players worldwide. JOIN US TODAY AS WE BUILD THE FOOSBALL WEBSITE WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!
Here at the official Foosball Tour website, we're putting together the most comprehensive directory of local foosball table locations throughout the United States. Foosball players will now be able to easily find foosball locations, not only in their own hometown but in any city they visit. There's no better way to enjoy the sport of table soccer, the adventure we call "foosball" and to make your way onto the professional foosball tour!
FoosChat...the perfect way to chat with all your new (and old) foosball buddies! Whether you play on the professional foosball tour or are out of town and looking for some foosball action at a local pub, FoosChat is here to help. Long gone are the days of searching the Internet to find foosball locations that have foosball tables or foosball tournaments in your area. With our free FoosChat service, you now have access to foosball tables and foosball players across the USA!
A lot of us have a foosball table at home, but we all have an inner need for competition and love to play foosball tournaments. We also know what a pain it is to find out where some of the local table soccer tournaments are being held and who to call to find out more information. No longer will you get frustrated searching hundreds of Facebook pages to see if anything is going on in your area. Simply enter a city or zip code and you'll know right away if there is a local foosball tournament in the area!


Lucky for us, we've got some of the top pro foosball players and promoters on board with years of experience banging it around on a foosball table and running foosball tournaments. In addition, we have a core of highly qualified businessmen to assist us with just about anything we could ever need to make this project one of the most successful in foosball history. STAY TUNED FOR UPCOMING NEWS & FEATURES!

Mr. Foosball

If you play professional foosball then there's not doubt you've heard of this guy. He's been a constant threat on the pro foosball tour now for over 15 years with numerous world championship victories to his name. Probably the most exciting foosball table player we've ever seen, he's none other than...

The First Lady of Foosball

This lady has been around the professional table soccer scene since the beginning. Not only did she help run the Million Dollar Tour and was a great pro player in her own right, but she probably knows more about the history of foosball than just about anyone. Of course, she still gets on the foosball table from time to time so you might see her at the next foosball tournament if you're lucky!

Johnny Foosball

This former world champion has played on just about every professional foosball tour that has existed. I think we can all agree that his enthusiasm for the sport is unparalleled and never-ending. Not only has he designed foosball tables for several of the pro foosball tours over the years, but he is undoubtedly one of the most creative individuals when it comes to marketing and infusing excitement back into our sport.

Bringing The Pro Foosball Tour To A Local Foosball Club Near You!


The chickens are comin' home to roost, Bobby Bousche. You'll reap the fruit of your selfish ways! You gonna lose all your fancy foosball games...
Mama Bousche

Mama Bousche

Foosball Parent

How cool it would be, If you could watch a life-size version of this? Chandler: As crazy as Soccer?
Joey and Chandler

Joey and Chandler


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Selina Roy

Selina Roy



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Looking for a foosball table in your area? If you need up to date information on the professional foosball tour, local foosball tournaments, foosball clubs or just about anything else to do with the sport of foosball, then you're in the right place. Our goal here at The Foosball Tour is to provide a wealth of table soccer foosball information to help you find place to play, instructional tools for you to improve your game, a history of the sport, and information to entertain you. Stick around, it's getting exciting!

Tony Spredeman: #1 Rated Professional Foosball Player In The World

If you’ve ever wanted to know who the #1 rated professional foosball player in the world was, look no further […]

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