When choosing a foosball table there are a variety of things to consider, including the foosball table manufacturer.  Some of the top reasons for choosing one type of foosball table over another include price, quality, playability, customization, ease of assembly and customer reviews.  But as many of us know, not all foosball table manufacturers are created equal.  Let’s take a quick look at how most foosball tables can be compared to one another.

Foosball Table Manufacturer Location:

The majority of foosball table manufacturers break down into two countries of origin, China and the USA.  There are also a few companies from Europe that have entered the market in the United States as well.  Here are some things to consider when purchasing foosball tables that are made outside the USA.

  • Quality:  This is a big one!  Most of the foosball tables made in China are designed to attract the low price level consumer and therefore end up being extremely low quality.  Most of the European foosball tables, such as those made in Germany, are often average to good quality and are much more reliable in their quality control.  Unfortunately, there are only a few foosball table manufacturers that actually manufacture and assemble their foosball tables right here in America.  These manufacturers generally have the best quality foosball tables on the market, but usually at a much higher cost.  In fact, foosball tables made by these foosball table manufacturers may be selling their entry-level foosball table for over $1,000.  Although this may seem like a lot, it still can be very much worth the extra money to get a really high-quality foosball table.  These are the ones that are used at the professional foosball tournaments throughout the United States on the professional foosball tour.
  • Price:  As stated above, you get what you pay for.  Below we will provide a little more insight as to how to choose the best foosball table for your budget.

Foosball Table Price:

Foosball tables generally fall into one of the following price ranges.

  • $100 – $200:  Foosball tables in this category are usually for kids under the age of 8 years old.
  • $300 – $500:  These foosball tables are generally of decent quality for home play for children and teenagers, and sometimes for adults.
  • $500-$1,000:  For those looking for a quality foosball table, this is the general price range where you will see significant differences in the quality and features being offered.  This includes stronger, heavier foosball table cabinets and rods, counter-balanced men, leg levelers, cup holders, rod guards, and more.  Sometimes, but not always, this may even include quick assembly times as low as 30 minutes compared to a cheaper table that can take you up to 3 hours just to assemble!
  • $1,000 and Up:  In this price range is where you will usually find a nice, high-quality foosball table.  However, you still need to be careful as it is not always the case.  It’s still important to review things like the cabinet size and weight, the table features, where the table is made, etc.  One of the most important considerations is to know whether the foosball table manufacturer specializes in just making foosball tables, or is this just one of a hundred or more products that they import and sell online.

Manufacturers Specializing In Foosball Tables:

When it comes to foosball tables, there are a ton to choose from.  But you can easily narrow down the list of who makes a good foosball table by looking at the following factors.

  • Do They Specialize In Foosball Tables:  Personally, we think this factor really tells it all.  If the foosball tables were not designed with input from professional foosball players, they generally are not very good.  They may look good in the picture, but they just don’t perform like a pro tour quality table.  Also, foosball table companies that are run by foosball players have the ability to answer your specific foosball questions.  This is like getting true “professional” customer service.  Something most companies cannot offer.
  • Made In The USA:  When it comes to quality, the most important part of the foosball table is the cabinet.  The quality of a foosball cabinet made in the USA and one made in China is a drastic difference.  Not only is the material a much higher grade, but the workmanship and assembly are far superior.  The quality of the component parts is also important, but overseas suppliers are actually very good at making parts such as counter-balanced men, chrome-plated steel rods, rod bearings, foosballs, etc.
  • Cabinet Assembly:  It is crucial that the top of the foosball table cabinet be pre-assembled at the foosball table factory.  If not, it really cannot be securely assembled for a tight fit that will endure the hundreds of hours of hard foosball play.  It also saves you, the customer, a couple of hours of time and frustration.  Probably one of the biggest complaints from customers is that the cabinet parts won’t fit together.  Just avoid this by making sure the top cabinet is fully assembled.
  • Table Size and Weight:  It may not seem that important, but it is.  Generally, foosball tables that weigh under 150 lbs. are for kids, those over 150 lbs. are for adults.  The lighter tables just don’t hold up over time and they tend to slide too much during play.
  • Required Features:  Counter-balanced men, hollow steel rods, removable split-bearings, leg levelers, rod safety guards, cup holders.
  • Assembly Time and Instructions:  Wow, this is another big one.  Cheaper tables usually require you to attach every single part of the table, including every side and end panel of the cabinet.  This can take a long time, sometimes up to 3 hours or more.  It also increases the possibility of some of the parts not fitting.
  • Customization Options:  Not many foosball table manufacturers offer this new customization option.  But it is sure it is cool when they give you the option to add your own logo or design your own unique playfield or graphics for the outside of the table cabinet!

We hope that we have provided enough basic information to get you started in your search for not just a foosball table, but a quality foosball table manufacturer.  If you still have questions, simply shoot us a quick email:  info@foosballtour.com.

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