Atomic Foosball Table is Innovative and of High Quality

One of the reasons why many foosball table buyers would like to purchase an Atomic Foosball Table is because the table is manufactured by Escalade Sports, one of the reputed manufacturers of a wide range of sports equipment. The company which is based in Evansville in Indiana state, United States, is nearly one hundred years old, and offers excellent customer service. They are confident of the quality of their products and offer a 100% money back warranty on the products if the customers are not satisfied. Some of the features of the tables available are discussed

Types of Tables

A buyer who is interested in buying an Atomic Foosball-Table can choose between the three models which are available – the Pro Force, Azure LED Light up and Gladiator model depending on their budget and requirement. The Pro Force model is the inexpensive entry level model for home use while the Gladiator is the more rugged model designed for long term play. The Azure LED table is a new model, with lighting and latest technology. Though the expensive tables have enhanced design and components, there are some design and construction features which are common to all the foosball tables from Escalade Sports.


An Atomic Foosball-Table: is designed for long term use and has a solid construction. The table is made from solid medium density fiberboard (MDF) which is durable and will last for a long period of time. The MDF is covered with a bamboo laminate. The table has four legs in the corner which are painted black so that they do not appear dirty. The table has 3.5 inch leg levelers at each corner, which ensure that the table remains stable even after hours of playing. The steel rods used have octagonal handles, so that the players can play for a longer period of time.


The design of the Atomic Foosball-Table: depends to some extent on the model selected. The ball entry for all the models is internal, and the return is also internal. However they differ in player design, steel rods and other features. The Pro Force table has robotic style players which are black or white in color, hollow chrome plated steel rods with rubber handles, black play field and a slider for manual scoring. On the other hand, the Gladiator table has red and black players who are painted to form human like figures, solid steel rods with wooden handles, green play-field and an abacus style scoring system

Azure LED table

Customers who wish to purchased the latest innovation in foosball tables should consider purchasing the Azure LED Atomic Foosball-Table: which is designed to be a showpiece. The table has blue LED lighting which will be activated when the lights will go off. The table has in rail interactive blue LED lighting, so that the entire table is illuminated and becomes the showpiece of the room where it is placed. Additionally the goals and the legs of the table are illuminated, and music is also provided. The table has an automatic digital electronic score keeping system, eliminating manual scoring. The table is charged using a USB connection.

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