Foosball Multi Game Table and You

You must have seen a foosball table before or even played foosball with your friends, but do you know the actual gameplay of foosball? Almost every country of the world now adopts Foosball Multi Game Table. It is known by different names in different countries, but no matter what it is called, it never lets anyone miss out on the moments of fun!

What all do you need for playing Foosball?
• A Foosball Multi Game Table
• About 2 to 4 players. Each player maneuvers the same number of rods, thus controlling a total of thirteen players per team.
Players have to stand opposite to each other and twist the rods so as to make their players kick the ball into the goal (opponent’s).

Are There any Technical Terms in Foosball?

Yes! There are some technical terms when playing on a Foosball Multi Game Table.
The rods on your left are called the efensive 3-bar,’ and the proximity to the respective goal and the number of players attached to the goal is called efensive 2-bar’.
The middle part of the table is known as the midfield row, which has the bar with five players. Its object is to receive the kicked ball and send it to the next row, called the striker row. The last bar holds three players, is used to drive the ball into the opponent’s goal.

The Rules of playing Foosball

The underlined is the summary of playing foosball on the Foosball Multi Game Table. These are the basic rules, which needs to be followed by all the players, may it be a one-on-one or two-on-two.
• The players have to flip a coin or play a similar thing in order to decide who will go first.
• The serving hole serves the balls.
• The gameplay is continued until someone does the first score. If by any chance, the ball hits off the table, the opponent team can call for a time out, and the ball is declared as ead.’
• In order to score a goal, you are only required to kick the ball into the goal of your opponent. Even if the ball is bounced out of the table after scoring, it will be counted as your point.
• The spinning of rods is not allowed for the advancement of the ball.
• The foosball table should not be moved or banged on the sides of the rods be slammed back and forth against the walls of the table.
• You cannot touch your opponent’s rods.
• You cannot get your hands in the foosball table unless and until the ball has been declared as dead.
• Keep your game sportsmanlike and never distract your opponent.
• You have to shoot the ball forward or backward within 10 seconds of its possession by the players on the midfield row rod and within 15 seconds on the other rods.
• The first team, which scores 5 points, wins the match. The losing team is supposed to serve the ball up for the next round.

Now that you know the basics of foosball, you can get a brand new Foosball Multi Game Table and have great fun with your family and friends!

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