A Used Foosball Table is Great for a Limited Budget

For those who have a limited budget for purchasing a foosball table, an Used Foosball Table may be the most feasible option. Many people and businesses have purchased foosball tables for entertainment and recreation purposes, and they often do not require the table after some years. For example families may have purchased the foosball table for their children, and after the children have grown up, left the house they will not require the table. Hence to free up space in the house, they may want to get rid of the used table, and may sell it at a low price, so the buyer may save a lot of money.


One of the main advantages of choosing an Used Foosball Table is that the amount saved can be fairly substantial if the buyer does some research. Unless a rare or vintage foosball table is purchased, the price of used tables are far lower than new tables. This is because most standard tables become dirty and get damaged after they are used for some months or years. So if the table owner wishes to get rid of the used table quickly, they will often list it for sale at a low price. It is also possible to negotiate with these used table sellers, and lower the price further.

Finding Used Tables

The amount saved by the Used Foosball Table buyer depends to a large extent on the methods he uses to find a suitable table. The buyer can advertise that he wishes to purchase a second hand table, so that table owners who wish to get rid of their table can contact him with their offers. Outdoor advertising remains a very effective method for informing people in the area of the requirement. There are also a large number of free online classified websites, where buyers can post their requirement for used tables. The buyer can also check the various used tables listed for sale online and offline also.

Condition of the Table

The price of a used foosball table is determined to a very large extent on the condition of the table. Some tables, especially those purchased for home use, may not be used often, since the buyer and his family may not enjoy playing the game. So these tables may be almost new, and the seller may offer only a small discount. In other cases, foosball tables which are used in cafes, bars, sports clubs for recreation may be used extensively, and hence the seller will offer substantial discounts on the market price of the table. In used tables, the playing surface is often dirty or cracked, the steel rods may be bent, and the players are damaged.


The buyer should also consider whether used foosball table is suitable for the application. For professional and tournament use, it is important to have a high quality table, so an used table cannot be purchased. In fact, tournament organizers will sell their used tables at a low price if there is even a small defect, since the scoring could get affected. However, if the table is required only for home use, for children practicing or for party entertainment, a second hand table should be considered. Many of the older tables are well designed, with intricate carvings and are vintage pieces. These tables are collectibles and used for interior decor.

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