What to know About Premier Soccer Foosball Table

Many people are interested in purchasing a Premier Soccer foosball table because it is a very rugged table. Though the table is not easily available online at present, it was used extensively in colleges a few decades ago. College students were using the soccer table very extensively, yet its performance for not affected after many months and years of use. Hence many individuals who have used this premier table earlier for foosball are interested in purchasing this brand of foosball table for their home, office or business. The table has the tagline Premier Soccer- Table of Champions printed on the cabinet.


One of the main advantages of using the Premier Soccer Foosball Table is that it is a very high-quality table, made from the best available materials. Unlike many of the inexpensive foosball tables available which are made from MDF or plywood, the table is made from hardwood which will last for a very long period of time. Hence the table has a good resale value, since it, after a few decades, it will become a vintage table. The table will not get deformed or bend though it is used extensively, so it can be used in schools, colleges and other places where it will be used for many hours


The Premier Soccer Foosball table has a distinctive appearance and construction which is different from most other foosball tables. It has four rectangular legs made from hardwood which are placed at the four corners of the table for greater stability. The foot of the legs is covered with black rubber so that the table legs do not get damaged. The cabinet of the table is made from material which is 1.5 inches thick for greater stability. The length of the table is 55 inches, the width of the table is 29.75 inches, and the height of the table is 35 inches. The table weighs 150 lb and is fairly stable while playing.

Design of the Premier Soccer Foosball Table

Like other standard foosball tables, a Premier Soccer Foosball Table also has eight steel rods, and the plastic foosball players are attached to the rods. The foosball players have a round foot for catching the foosball. There is a single goalie with a wide shoulder. The steel rods are made from solid steel. They are chrome plated to prevent rusting and for greater durability. The steel rods have a black rubber grip so that the players can hold the steel rods easily without getting tired. There is a side apron for the balls. The manual scorer with beads is located at each side of the table, above the goal.

Assembly and Maintenance

Some amount of assembly will be required before using a Premier Soccer Foosball Table since some parts are shipped loose to prevent damage during shipping. Typically the foosball players will have to be fixed on the rods and the rods attached on the cabinet of the table. If the foosball table is used regularly, it should be cleaned at least once in a week, to remove any stains or dirt. If the table is not used it should be covered with a dust cover, to prevent dirt accumulating. Since hardwood is used in the table, the table value is likely increased in a few decades if the table is well maintained.

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