Choosing the Right Modern Foosball Table

With advances in technology many businesses and home owners wish to purchase a Modern Foosball Table which will blend well with the decor of their home or business. In the last few decades there have many advances in materials technology and electronics. Yet the foosball tables which are used have largely remained the same in terms of design and material, with manual scoring. They are also usually made from wood, which can be attacked by pests like termites, and is inflammable. So increasingly people are interested in purchasing modern designs of tables with the latest technologies.


A buyer who is interested in a Modern Foosball Table should be aware of the fact that there a large number of foosball tables available with a modern design. There are some tables which are designed by world famous designers like Debuchy by Toulet which cost thousands of dollars, using custom design technology and latest materials to the more inexpensive tables which use electronics, especially LED lighting to illuminate the table and create a modern look. Only a limited number of the designer tables are available for the high end modern tables, and they are considered collectibles, since they are numbered.


One of the reasons why a Modern Foosball Table is expensive is that it is usually made of metal or synthetic resin, polymer instead of wood, MDF and plywood which is used in the inexpensive foosball tables. This material is usually treated to make it corrosion resistant and durable.The shape of the table is also very unique. The players are made from aluminum instead of plastic which is used in most tables. The feet of the players are removable, so that they can be easily replaced if required. The feet of the players have laser edging for better grip and more accurate shots. The table design is also unique, with a customization option.


Another reason why a Modern Foosball Table is that it will incorporate the latest electronics and lighting technology in the design. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are used extensively for illuminating the table, since they consume less electricity. Hence the game can be played even when there is no or less lighting. The goalpost will light up when a goal is scored. Additionally, the scoring system is electronic, and the score for each team is automatically displayed on the LED display, replacing the manual scoring system. Music is also incorporated in the table to create the right ambience.


Since a Modern Foosball Table is typically more expensive than a standard foosball table, the manufacturer will usually offer a wide range of customization options so that the table integrates well with the decor of the office, business or home where it is placed. Some of the customization options like selecting the color or type of handles may be at no additional cost. However other options like choosing the finish, having a dual tone, incorporating RGB lighting or having Bluetooth speakers will increase the cost of the table. So based on the budget and decor, the right modern table can be purchased.

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