What You Need To Know About Foosball Game Table

About Foosball Game

Foosball Game is a tabletop game which like soccer played on a table. The foosball table is typically 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. You can adjust its height with rotating knobs on each of its legs to suit your height. There are control knobs fitted on top of the table to control the ball movement. There are no rules to play this game but there are specific rules which vary by country or cities or club. You can have more details of the game in the sections that follow.

Foosball Table

Foosball game is played on the foosball table. It has clearly printed field on the table surface, which looks like a soccer field. On the longer side of the table, there are 8 rows of foosball player figures fitted on metal rods. These rods can be rotated to strike the ball. Each team has 4 rows of rods, one for Goalkeeper, one for Defender, one for midfield one for striking. These rods can be moved sideways or rotated on fixed ends. These 2 movements can be used to control, defend and strike the ball. The Goalkeeper rod can one or three goalies. There will be 13 to 15 foosball players on these 4 rods. 4 on each rod on defender, midfield and striking.

Playing Foosball Game

The objective of the foosball game is score as many goals to win. Each team used the 4 rows of rods to play and strike the goal. A basic game in the foosball is to play and the team which scores 5 goals is the winner of the game. The match can be fixed do win best of 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5. The game can be played with 1 player each team or 2 players team. Winner of the toss gets to serve first. You can practice different serving styles which can help you use different tactics to beat your opponent. You can practice to serve, pass, dribble, defend and shoot the ball to your opponent’s goal post. When you learn to pin the ball i.e catch the moving ball and trap for your strike.

Serving And Defending

After serving the ball, you can move the ball by tapping and pushing the ball with sides of the players and pass on to your striking row. At your striking row, aim and shoot the ball to your opponent goal. You can make a rule of never spinning the rod as it is not a good practice and can damage the table and rods. When you need to defend the ball, use your defending row to block your opponent scoring against you. Always remember to keep your player before the ball to defend yourself. Use your midfield and defend rows together to block your opponent.

Make The Game Interesting

To make the foosball game more interesting, you can change the rules to suit your playing needs. You can stop the play when the ball moves off the table or when the ball is in a dead position where nobody can strike. You can resume the play by reserving the dead ball. You can make the play fun and interesting when both the teams follow the rules, display good sportsman conduct, playing friendly manner, not to distract opponents, play in open stance.

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