Is it Possible to Find a Craigslist Foosball Table?

One of best ways to find a cheap foosball table is to search for a Craigslist Foosball Table. This will provide a list of foosball tables which are listed for sale on Craigslist. Since the standard foosball tables are fairly large in size and heavy, transporting them can be expensive. Hence many people who wish to sell their used tables are listing it on Craigslist, so that people in the same town or city can purchase it and transport it to their homes in their vehicle, saving money on transportation costs. It is also easier to inspect a table if the seller is living in the same town.


Many people with a limited budget are interested in purchasing a Craigslist Foosball Table, since the sellers are mostly individuals who will sell at price lower than the retail price. Many people wish to get rid of furniture and sports equipment in their home, which is no longer being used, to reduce the clutter, relocation or other reasons. So they are often willing to sell the table at a low price since they wish to get rid of the table at the earliest. Hence if the buyer is willing to spend time researching, he can get a very good deal by purchasing a table listed at Craigslist, saving a lot of money.

Finding a Table

There are multiple ways of finding a suitable Craigslist Foosball Table. The conventional method is to check the various foosball tables listed for sale in the town, city or surrounding areas and shortlist the tables available. Another way to find tables, is by posting a wanted ad, specifying the type of table required, brand and budget of the foosball table in the wanted section of the craigslist classified section. There may be sports stores with foosball tables which they wish to sell and other foosball table owners who wish to get rid of their table at the earliest, and may not advertise these tables. These people may respond to the table wanted ad.

Condition of a Craigslist Foosball Table

The condition of the Craigslist Foosball Table will vary greatly depending on the history of the table and determines the price of the table to a very great extent. In some cases, the family members may not like playing foosball, so they will sell the table without using it. So the table will be almost new and the price may be higher. In other cases, the table will be used for many years, and may be damaged in some cases. Usually sellers are posting only a few photos of the table in their advertisement, so it is advisable to personally inspect the table, before taking a decision.

Price of the Table

The price of the Craigslist Foosball Table depends on a number of factors. While the brand name, age, and condition of the table are important factors determining the table price, the sellers attitude is also important. Some foosball table sellers wish to get rid of the table at the earliest, and are willing to accept a lower price for the table. Other sellers may be willing to wait, hoping for a better price. Similarly sellers who require money urgently may be willing to sell for a lower price. For older tables, there are price guides available, which specify the market price of reputed brands of foosball tables.

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