The Garlando Foosball and Foosball’s Popularity

Foosball is becoming a popular game at home and for leisure and the Italian company Garlando is one of the most reputed manufacturers of Foosball tables. The company was founded in 1954 and specializes in equipment for the leisure sector. Buyers can purchase a Garlando Foosball Table for home use, for practicing foosball professionally or for their business using the coin operated tables available. The company also manufactures equipment for other table games like Air hockey, table tennis, home pool tables and coin operated pool tables, and has extensive experience in designing products.

Models Available

A buyer for a Garlando Foosball Table can choose from a large number of models depending on his budget and application for which the foosball table is being used. Many families are purchasing the table for their children so that they can remain busy and entertained at home. For these customers, the company has a number of inexpensive colorful tables. In other cases, there are some who play the game professionally and require high quality tables for practice and tournaments or for business. The tables are available for indoor, outdoor use, are weatherproof and fold-able models are also available.

Design Features

Though the exact design of the Garlando Foosball-Table will vary depending on the model number and price, there are some design features which are common in almost all the foosball tables manufactured by Garlando. The players are made from plastic, moplen and are of a single color throughout. Each table will have players of two colors and the players are molded on the rod. A filler is provided on the side of each table for feeding the balls. The ball basket is provided behind the goal, so that the ball can be easily retrieved. The steel bars used in the rods are designed to handle high levels of stress and are chromium plated for greater durability

Home and Professional Foosball Tables

Families who wish to purchase a Garlando foosball table for their home, can choose from a wide range of foosball tables starting from the low end G-100 beechwood for children to the G-5000. The thickness of the Medium density fiberboard (MDF) for the G-100 table is usually less two centimeters. The football field is made from laminate material. The more expensive models are usually thicker, made from a combination of MDF and plywood. These tables may have a sanded or glossy glass playing field. The professional tables conform to the ITSF standards and usually have a number plate fixed.

Coin operated Foosball tables

Businesses who wish to purchase a coin operated Garlando Foosball Table can choose between different models like Maracana, Maracana white, Deluxe, Olympic and an outdoor version of these tables is also available. The tables are popular since they are easy to use, and clean. The playing field can be separated from the cabinet. All parts are assembled together, no glue is used so that they can be repaired quickly. The table is designed so that the operator can easily retrieving the coins or tokens used for the machine. Garlando offers a range of electro-mechanical and other coin validation mechanisms, which include counters and prevent tampering.

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