Million Dollar Foosball Table: What’s so Special

Wondering what foosball is? Ever seen a table with rods having football payers and a small solid ball? Yes, that is right; we all played it in school; some of us play it until now. This is your million dollar foosball table! The game itself is called “foosball” also known as “table soccer”. It is a fun game and requires two players who compete against each other to put the solid ball into the goal on each side of the Foosball table. The winner is decided upon who scores the most goals. This game is thus an exact copy of football with some differences.

The Story of Foosball

We all know football; we all have played football sometime in our life but football was too tiring for some of us and some of us did not have enough space to play it, so we started finding a game that was much less tiring and had double the excitement and fun in a much smaller area. What we did was terrific! We boxed the entire football game in a table with rods and Foosball was born only differences it had was that it needed only two pairs of hands to play and one small room would do! Fierce competition would prevail, and players would play for hours without having to move from their places! That is the story of Foosball.

The Foosball Table

Imagine a million dollar foosball table, what could we possibly do to a foosball table with a million dollars? Perhaps make the game more “gold”. All the players, rods, goals made of gold and decorated with small diamonds. Too much of luxury, perhaps somebody could afford that. But for life-living people, full of energy and game vibes, our million-dollar table is the ordinary foosball table made with wood and steel. They play as they live in the game! After all, foosball is just football bound in a table and only two players instead of full teams. Thus, it can be said that the mini-football turns out to be “foosball”.

Foosball in Action

Foosball is a competitive game and even a fiercely competitive game when you are playing with a friend. So, two players stand on either side of the million dollar foosball table facing each other and a million dollar competition begins! The knobs on both sides of the charts serve as controls for both the players. They rotate and push the knobs to turn and move the players attached to the rod. The movement of the rod-attached plastic players is only horizontal. The game starts as the ball is dropped in the centre of the table. The table has two goals, one for each player! Whoever scores the most goals by successfully passing the ball through other player’s players wins!

Professional Foosball Players

Yes, foosball is a professional game, and people play it to earn a living. According to a study, on average, a professional foosball player makes around $75000 to account for their needs by just spinning rods on a million-dollar foosball table! By turning, it must be noted that it is the only thing forbidden in this game and states that no player on the rod should rotate more than 360 degrees before and after hitting the ball.
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