The Easton Foosball Tables You Need to Know About

One of the more reputed low-cost brands of foosball tables is from Easton. It appears that the tables have been rebranded and no new tables with this brand name are currently available for sale online at Amazon and another website. These tables are now associated with the Warrior foosball tables which may have purchased the brand name. There are other companies manufacturing and selling Easton air hockey tables. It is possible to purchase a used Easton Foosball Table from auction websites, and other websites selling second-hand foosball tables and other used product supplies.

Construction of the Tables

Of the most distinctive feature of an Easton Foosball-Table is the construction of the table. The table is extremely sturdy since it has broad legs compared to the other designs of foosball tables. This ensures that the table does not move even when high power football shots are being played. The tables have adjustable levelers. The feet of the table are rubberized for greater stability. The legs of the table are fixed on each corner of the table by riveting for greater durability. The table is of length 55 inches, width is 30.5 inches and the height of the table is 35.5 inches.


One of the most distinctive features of an Easton Foosball-Table is the distinctive black color of the table. The table’s legs and body are painted black. This is an advantage in some ways since dirt marks and other smudge marks will not be very visible on the table, it is not necessary to clean it regularly. The Easton name is inscribed on the table in light grey color and the Easton logo is orange, yellow is also painted on the side surface of the table along the length. The rest of the table including the cup holders and the goals are also painted black in color.


The table or foosball field in an Easton Foosball-Table is light grey in color so that red and black markings of the field are easily visible to the players. Like all other foosball tables, the table has steel eight rods on which the foosball players are attached. The ends of the rods have handles so that those playing the game can conveniently use the handles, while for a long time, without feeling tired. Though foosball players of different colors may be available, the most popular color for the foosball players is red and black. Some of the black foosball players have red feet for catching and hitting the ball.

Assembly and Playing Games

Usually, the Easton Foosball-Table is supplied in the un-assembled form with the rods and players wrapped in plastic. The customer purchasing the foosball table should assemble the rods and the players on the table according to the instructions which have been provided. Most customers are able to finish assembling within one hour. Yellow balls are also supplied by the seller of the table. The goals are designed for easy ball retrieval and return. The table has a manual beaded scorer at the end of the table, just above the goal. The table should be cleaned periodically to remove the grime on the surface, to maximize the life of the table.

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