Foosball Table Near Me : Your Question Our Answer

We have been associated with soccer as a sport for centuries now! It’s the most watched and celebrated sport in the world! It’s almost a no-brainer that we have created an indoor version of the same! The Miriam-Webster Dictionary defines Foosball or Table Soccer as a table game resembling soccer in which the ball is moved by manipulating rods to which small figures of players are attached.’ So if you’re trying to answer the question where to find a foosball table near me, read on my friend!

A Brief History of Foosball

Believe me or not Foosball is the German word for Football! Although it is known by various names in different parts of the world, Foosball and Table Soccer have become the most common nomenclature for a foosball table. Since professional soccer began in the 1860s, it can be safely assumed that its tabletop version was invented sometime after that. Some theories state that it was started as a parlor game in the 1880s or 1890s. The earliest known patent for Foosball is dated back to 1901 and it was filed in the USA.

It’s Fun!

Having stress? Need a stress-buster? Have a game of Foosball. They are really fun and you feel refreshed! We see foosball tables at various places around us including break-rooms/recreation rooms in offices, gaming parlors, and restaurants/pubs. Just find a partner and start hitting the ball towards your goal!

Foosball Table Described

Foosball table or Table soccer is a tabletop version of soccer. Miniature versions of your team players are attached to rods fixed in a playing box. You are supposed to turn those rods to kick the ball using the players in the box. There is a goal-keeper, one defensive line and two offensive lines which needs to be controlled by you. At the start of each play a ball is released onto the playing field in the box through a small opening on the side of the table. The game is usually played either in a 1 vs 1 or as a 2 vs 2 mode.

Types of Foosball Table

Do you want to be a die-hard “fosser”! Before you find the answer to the question,’Where will I find a Foosball Table near me?’, you would definitely need to know the distinct styles of foosball tables available and the different style of play required to play them.

• American Style/ Texas Style – This is a pure power game where the table is a solid, dense structure and the ball as well as the players are made of hard plastic. It’s a game of how fast and powerful you can be. Additionally, in this table there are three goalies on the last rod making it easier to get the ball from the corners.
• French Foosball – This is a much controlled style of foosball. This type of foosball table consists of a linoleum turf and a cork ball. This ensures that the majority of the focus is on passing the ball and setting up goals. This is one is closest to a real soccer game.
• German Foosball – These are the softest of the lot. They provide you with the maximum control and is suited for players who really love the art of playing football giving them the opportunity to line up shots on the bigger sized goals.
• Italian Foosball – These foosball tables are a good mixture of the different styles going around. They have sandblasted glass as the surface when a faster gameplay is required and also use plastic laminate where a bit more control is required.

Where will I find a Foosball table Near Me?

Well, to be frank, there are lots of places where you could actually buy a foosball table. There are megastores like Decathlon and other sports mega-marts where you could actually go and check out a few models before buying. You could also checkout the online stores such as Amazon to get it delivered at your doorstep. Or you can just google for the stores near you!

Well enough reading on Foosball! I am sure you’ll learn and enjoy a lot more when you actually play it. Hope this article has been able to answer your questions on Foosball and the more important where to find a Foosball table near me’. So what are waiting for! Go already! Discover your playing style!

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