Recreational Activities with Foosball and Air Hockey Table

“Recreational activity” is the modern name for the refreshing activities that rejuvenate a tired mind. These activities are fun activities performed to reboot the mind tired of putting in the hard work, to achieve the tough targets set up by your supervisor or by yourself. It’s best to pursue a recreational activity with a relaxed mind and without any worries. You can play games, chat with friends or simply follow a hobby of yours to refresh your mind with a foosball and air hockey table.

Foosball and Air Hockey are an indoor game that has attracted a lot of attention in the 21st century. Foosball and Air Hockey may also be referred to as the tabled version of football and hockey. ITSF or international table soccer federation and AHPA or Air Hockey Players Association are the regulating bodies for these sports that have been organizing Foosball and Air Hockey world championships. With the invention of this table, you can play both the tabletop games.

About Foosball

Foosball is a tabletop game, where we use the horizontal control knobs to move the ball into the opponent’s court. The game uses figures mounted on rotating bars to kick the ball. Each player uses four bars to pass and kick the ball to the opponent’s side. You may like to visit the ITSF official website for comprehensive rules of the game. The game is played on a table of size 4 feet by 2 feet. There are Combo tables available for playing games apart from Foosball.

About Air Hockey

Air Hockey is also a tabletop game, where a puck floats on the table over a cushion of air that comes out of the small pores on the table. The puck glides over the table when hit by a player using a striker. The target of each player is to hit the puck into the goal of the opponent team. Usually, the game is played on 8 foot long tables but there is a mini version of air hockey available that is played on a similar table as that of Foosball. You can play these games by simply making some changes on the platform atop the table.

Why Buy Our Table

Our foosball and air hockey table is manufactured from the best quality wood and has been designed lightweight and easy to assemble. Since these foosball and air hockey tables are designed to play both the games for recreation and fun, we have ensured that the table is durable enough to let your kids, family, and friends enjoy the best of both the worlds for years. Few features of our foosball and air hockey table are:
• Designed and engineered by the best engineers
• Easy to assemble and dismantle even by kids.
• Designed from rugged wood that will last for years

Recreational activities help relieve the stress for all of us. After a tough day at work, we need some breathing space to rejuvenate our mind and body. Foosball and Air hockey is an excellent choice for some indoor fun. These tables let you play both the games on one table. Our tables are designed for lasting fun. Buy our foosball and air hockey table to get the peace of mind you deserve to beat the banality from work.

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