The Bonzini Foosball Table for You

Bonzini is one of the most reputed manufacturers of Foosball tables in the world. The company was founded in the year 1927 and specializes in manufacturing furniture and precision engineering products. Since the 1950’s it is manufacturing games which are used in the leisure industry. Customers can purchase a Bonzini Foosball Table depending on their requirement. The B90 model is designed for those who wish to play the game professionally, for serious players. The B60 model is a coin operated model of the table. All the tables are manufactured in France and have an elegant design.

B90 Home table

The B90 model Bonzini foosball table is one of the most popular tables for those who wish to purchase a high quality table for their home for practice or recreation . The table has a beech colored cabinet, red rails and black legs. It is also available in rustic and black color. The ball returns are designed so that the ball can be easily retrieved for those who are practicing. The table has a green play-field. The players of one team are colored red and white, while the players of the other team are colored blue and white. Table length is 59 inches, table width is 33 inches, and table height is 35 inches.

B90 ITSF Competition Table

The Bonzini foosball table for ITSF tournament competitions is similar in dimensions and design to the popular B90 Home model of the foosball table. However since it is designed for use in world competitions by the International Table Soccer Federation, the players have a modified foot design for better ball control. The scoring bead assembly is color coded in red,white and blue, for tracking time outs and also overtime scoring. The leg assembly incorporates a crossbeam made from heavier steel and leg levers are also included for greater stability and strength during play. The official ITSF license plate is fixed on the table.

B60 Coin Operated Table

The B60 type Bonzini Foosball table is a coin operated table, which is used extensively in the leisure industry, where customers can pay and play foosball games. This model is extremely popular worldwide and more than 115,00 tables have been sold. The cabinet has a split design so that the internal parts and the coin box can be easily accessed by the operator.The play field is of drop-down design, so that it can be easily cleaned. It has a ESD push chute system which can be adjust depending on how much the owner wishing to make. The distributor offers promotional support and spare parts for all customers who purchase these tables.

Accessories and Maintenance

Some amount of assembly is required for the Bonzini foosball table is required, however it is comparatively simple. An adjustable wrench is usually sufficient for assembly. A torx wrench and 5 mm hex wrench are supplied for adjusting and routine maintenance of the table along with a tube containing synthetic lubricating oil. Yellow cork balls are supplied with the tables, and the number of balls supplied varies depending on the model number. Weekly and monthly maintenance of the foosball tables is recommended to remove any dirt and grime which is accumulating on the table rods, surfaces.

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