The Change in Foosball Table 1 Goalie

Today we have foosball tables that’d have a single goalie in the middle and those that will have three goalies behind the scrum. Contrasting people will have their own liking for the kind of table soccer that would favor them. If you’ll be a serious foosball player, you should be able to use both of these foosball tables. In this article, we will concentrate more on the 1 goalie foosball table and see the differences between the 1 man goalie and the 3 man goalie system.

The 1 Goalie Foosball Table

The major difference in foosball tables is the number of goalies each of them would have. The foosball table 1 goalie has inclined corners. If the ball rolls to into a box, it’d rotate back into play. When you have a 1 goalie foosball table, you’ll obviously get it wrong with the corners and that’s why it would come with a slope. You don’t require slopes for the 3 goalie foosball tables since every player in the pitch would reach the ball. When you have 1 goalie table soccer, you can easily remove the ball if it’s trapped in the corners but for the 3 goalie system, it will be hard. This is because the middle player is the one who would stop the ball from the goal. Whether you will have a 1 man goalie or 3 man goalie system, the number of men you should have is between 22 to 26. If you’ll have a 1 goalie table soccer set up it’s good that you’d buy an entire set of men so that you’ll transform it to a 3 goalie system in future.

History of 1 Goalie Foosball Table

The foosball table 1 goalie has been in existence between 20 to 30 years ago. However, the Tornado was the first to come up with the 3 goalie foosball tables. There were reasons behind that such as the inclined corners of the 1 goalie foosball table signified the ball would jet off the table soccer and it’s inexpensive to put 3 goals behind the scrum than making a playing exterior that has inclined corners.

How People use these Tables Today

The foosball table 1 goalie is very rare today although at times you’ll get them in various stores. Today you’ll find the foosball tables of high quality dated 20 years ago still exist since their make is of awesome quality. Most of the professional players usually would prefer the single goalie foosball tables whereas the formal players tend to prefer the 3 goalie foosball tables. You’ll mostly find 3 men goalie table soccer in England, USA and in Europe. It’s very rare to find professional table soccer with 3 men goalie system since all would use 1 man goalie foosball tables.


Would you use the foosball table 1 goalie or the 3 goalie foosball table for your competitions? The answer to that question is either you’ll be playing the 1 man goalie or the 3 man goalie table soccer. If you’d go with the 1 goalie foosball table, you’ll have to scrutinize and enter the correct competitions.

1 Man Goalie Foosball Table – Conversion kit

You’ll find conversion kits that would enable you to transform some of the 3 man goalie foosball tables to a foosball table, 1 goalie. One key thing you should avoid is not to divide or terminate completely your men. Why? Since it would unbalance your rod.

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