Fixing a Table with Foosball Spare Parts

One of the games that would become hostile so fast is Foosball. When the game is so aggressive, it’s obvious that you’d spoil your Foosball table at the end of the game. You don’t need to worry when you damage your table soccer. Today you’ll find there are various Foosball spare parts that you’d buy to fix damaged parts or enhance your gameplay. In this article, we will go through some spare parts that you can use to fix your damaged table soccer. They include:

Foosball Rods

Foosball rods are a vital component in any foosball table. If they accidentally get spoiled you don’t need to worry since today we have foosball spare parts. The difficulty that you might face is getting the correct rod. An ideal rod is supposed to be, manufactured using a lightweight chromium metal that will ensure the ball moves easily and fast. Today most of the companies are constructing sub-standard rods that have holes at the center. How will you identify a good rod for your table soccer? An ideal rod should have a void and manufactured using flimsy chrome material that would facilitate simple movement. The rods also should have holes along the poles and this will ensure that you won’t use bolts rather you’ll use pins.

Bumpers and Bearings

Bumpers and bearings are other foosball spare parts that we have in a foosball table. Inside the rod holes, there are plastic parts that are known as bearings. Bearings enhance movement since they would reduce friction between the rods and the table. Bumpers are the plastic parts that you’d find in the rods that will stop the players from banging against the wall since this might result in destruction. When you’re shopping for table soccer, always go for the one that has rubber bumpers instead of spring. Bumpers manufactured using spring won’t last for long and they are inexpensive. The spring bumpers won’t safeguard your foosball table for long.

Foosball Handles

One of the most vital foosball spare parts is handles since this is where the player would grip while playing. Various handles will provide superior grip compared to other handles and so you’d require replacing your old ones. Most of the skillful players prefer wooden handles rather than rubber or plastic handles. It’s very important that you’d ensure that your handles are free from stain and are not loose so that you won’t misplace your grip.

Pins and Players

Pins and players are important foosball spare parts. During gameplay, if you’ll use a denser ball, with the time you’d spoil your players. It’s very vital that you’ll get the correct type of players since they are not outlined the same. In a foosball table, you’ll find pins which usually clutch the players to the rods. Don’t go for inexpensive foosball tables since they’d use bolts to clutch their players and they might loosen over time.


Balls are the most important foosball spare parts that you’ll find in table soccer. Balls will depend on the type of your gameplay and the game plan that you’d like to use. We have four types of balls namely textured, smooth, cork and traditional balls. Textured balls are the favorite balls for most of the American foosball experts since you’d easily control and pinning it’s also easy. When you’re concentrating on winning using game plan instead of speed, the cork balls are the most ideal.

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