Why the Foosball Table Weight Matters

Along with the dimensions of the table and other specifications the seller of a foosball table will usually also specify the Foosball Table Weight in their online listing as well as the product brochure. Many of the table buyers will ignore this information, yet the weight of the table is important for a variety of reasons which will be discussed below. One of the main reasons why the weight of the table is important it affects the quality of the game. A heavier table is less like to move, when powerful shots are being played, so it is usually preferred for professional games.

Material Used

The main factor determining the Foosball Table Weight for a table of standard size is the material which is used in the table. Cheaper tables are usually made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood, and the density of this material is also less. More expensive tables are made from hardwood like oak, walnut and maple, and these tables also tend to be heavier in weight. The weight also depends on the amount of material which has been used, and whether metal has been used extensively in the table for the various parts. Usually heavier tables are preferred for games, and are more durable.


Another factor which decides the Foosball Table Weight is the design of the table. Foosball tables are available in a wide range of dimensions from small tables of length twenty inches to large tables of length 56 inches, the standard size for the tables. The thickness of the walls of the table and the legs of the table also varies depending on the design and brand of the table. Since the weight is directly proportional to the volume of the material used, the weight of larger tables with thicker walls and legs will be more than smaller tables which are made of the same material.


One of the reasons why Foosball Table Weight matters, is because the shipping costs of the table will depend to a large extent on the weight of the table. Most shipping companies are considering the size and weight of the table, while quoting a price. While the volume can be reduced to some extent, by having the customer assemble the table, the table and all its parts will have to be shipped to the customer, it is not possible to reduce the weight. So if the customer is buying a table online, he should be willing to pay a large amount for shipping a heavy table to his home or business.

Other Considerations

Though the shipping cost if the Foosball Table Weight is less will be reduced, it could adversely affect the quality of the game. During a game, the players are applying a lot of force, while playing their shots, and this force is transferred to the table. In some cases, the position of the table could be changed, if it is a light table. A table with a lower weight is also less likely to be durable and may break or bend quickly. On the other hand, if the player wishes to change the position of the table, move it from one room to another, it is easier to move a light weight table from one place to some other area.

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