Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table can be Used Both Outdoors and Indoors

Since people are increasingly playing foosball for entertainment many people are opting for an Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table. Earlier most people would only play foosball indoors in their home, office or other place. However now foosball is popular for entertainment for parties and other occassions which are held outdoors, so they are looking for a suitable table. Also during spring and summer, people prefer to spend their time outdoors to enjoy the pleasant weather. Hence many families and organizations are interested in purchasing a table which can be used outdoors and indoors.


One of the main advantages of purchasing an Indoor-Outdoor Foosball Table is that it can be used outdoors or indoors depending on the convenience of the user, without getting spoiled or damaged. A majority of the foosball tables were mainly designed for indoor use, and if they are kept outdoors they will get damaged and degrade fairly quickly. In addition to harmful ultra violet radiation from the sun, which will act on the foosball table, degrading it, the wind, dirt, droppings from birds, animals, rain and snowfall can also damage the table. Hence it is advisable to purchase a table for outdoor use.


The Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table is different from standard tables since it is specifically designed so that it can be kept outdoors for longer periods of time and will not degrade. The wood which is used is treated with chemicals so that it is waterproof and a waterproof glue is used for binding the various components. Usually marine plywood is used which is more durable. The rods are coated with chromium which does not get rusted for greater durability. All the metal parts are coated with anti rust chemicals to prevent corrosion when exposed to rainfall or high humidity .


Depending on the weather conditions the Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table will be taken outdoors usually during summer, and during winter, the user will take it indoors. Hence many of the manufacturers of these tables are making these tables light in weight, so that they can be easily transported from one place to another. They are also trying to reduce the parts which are made from metal since it adds to the weight of the table and is also more likely to get corroded. For example the table levelers are made from nylon, which is light in weight and waterproof.


Since the manufacturer has to ensure that the components and table are water resistant, the cost of the Indoor Outdoor Foosball Table is usually much higher than a conventional foosball table which is only suitable for indoor use. The lighter tables may be using less material, so they are cheaper, they are also less stable, while playing the foosball game. Some of the tables are designed to be kept outdoors for only a few hours during the day for playing a game. There are other tables available can be kept outdoors for longer periods of time like a few days or weeks since they have better waterproofing. The tables which can be kept outdoors for a few weeks are more expensive, hence it is advisable to check the specifications properly.

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