Interested in a Little Foosball Table?

Are you a football enthusiast? Do you feel the excitement when your favorite team scores the goal? If yes, we share the same emotions as you. Now you can bring the stadium to your home and experience the same excitement! We are talking about Foosball. Get your own mini-stadium, that is buying a little foosball table and enjoy your favorite sport at your home.

Foosball is also known as table soccer. It is a miniature version of a football field. The game is very similar to football. Each team has 11 players who try to score a goal in the opposition side. Harold Searles Thornton was the brains behind this game. He came up with a little foosball table after seeing people’s passion for football in Europe.

Different Types Of Foosball Tables

There are a variety of foosball tables, you can get these in different sizes, different table tops, different balls, etc. Five of the most prominent foosball tables are Italian table, French table, American table, German table and Spanish table. You can select the type according to your requirements or according to the size of your room where you will be placing it. You can even get a little foosball table instead of going for a full size table if you have space constraints.

Different Sizes Of Foosball Tables

The standard foosball table size is 21/2 feet in width by 5 feet in length. You can also get a little foosball table. There are a number of options available in the market which the customer can choose according to his preferences.

Some of the most popular sizes of the table are

Regulation size table has dimensions of 56” length X 30” width X 36” height.

52 inch tabletop which has dimensions of 52” length X 20” width X 28” height.

48-inch tabletop which has dimensions of 48” length X 24” width X 31” height.

Tabletop foosball tables, which are also known as mini tables. It has dimensions of 40” length X 20” width X 10” height. This type is best for limited spaces. Place the table on any hard surface and enjoy the game.

Ball Types

Similarly, the balls of foosball are made of different materials like

Cork: This type of ball is mostly used on the European tables. This ball has more of sticky feel.

Textured: It is one of the high-quality balls used in the game, mostly used in the USA. It is less sticky in comparison to cork ball so travels at a higher speed.

Smooth: You get this with generally cheap tables. It is not at all sticky so you don’t get control over the ball at all.

Different Playing Styles

Following are the most prominent playing styles of the game

American style: These tables include Tornado and Fireball. They are well known for hard playing surfaces. It impacts the rigidity and the speed of the ball.

German-style: These are known to have sloped corners.

Spanish style: It is based on the skills of the players, concentrating on hand-eye coordination.

Italian style: This has angled legs for slippery surfaces or glass tops. This facilitates the fast game.

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