Mini Foosball Tables for The Small Ones

Many people are interested in purchasing a Mini Foosball table for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons for purchasing the table is that the table is smaller in size compared to conventional tables. Most standard foosball tables are usually 55 inches in length, 30 inches in width, while the mini table is typically 20 inches in length and other dimensions are also proportionately smaller. Hence it is easier to carry the table from one place to another, compared to standard tables. The table will also require less storage space when not in use compared to other tables.

Design of the Tables

Compared to the standard tables, there are major differences in the design of Mini Foosball. One of the main differences is in the number of rows in the table. A standard table has eight steel rods, for the players. Since this mini table is half the size of a standard table, the number of metal rods is decreased to four instead of eight with two rods for each team. There are only six players for each team , with three players on each rod. Decreasing the number of rods in the table ensures that there is enough space between the rods, so that adults and older children can also play on the table if they wish.

Price of the Tables

Another reason why Mini Foosball is very popular is that the price of the table is far less than a conventional table. Since the area of the table is usually one fourth or less of a standard table, the material required is also less. The number of players and steel rods is also lower. The table also does not have legs, so the height of the table is usually approximately 4 inches, while the height of a standard table is usually 35 inches or more. Since the materials required are far less, the mini table is prices far less than a standard table, with some suppliers selling their tables for $16 or less online.


Most people are purchasing the Mini Foosball for their children since it is affordable and portable. Children are likely to misuse or handle their toys roughly, so parents are always interested in an inexpensive table, which they can throw away if it is damaged. Smaller children may find it difficult to use the larger table, so this mini table is more suitable for them. It is also easier to carry the table from one place to another, for picnics and play dates with others since the size is smaller, and the weight of the table is less. Adults can also use the table if they wish to play with the child.


The main Mini Foosball is that it can be only used for entertainment, it cannot be used by professional players for practice or other applications. It is only a toy, and those who wish to play professionally should use a standard table, since the number of players is different. Also since the table is inexpensive, the material used is not of very good quality, it may break quickly. The problem is more severe if it is being handled roughly. It is also more difficult to assemble the table and players, since it may not be well designed. A flat surface is required for placing the table, for playing a game.

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