How to Play the Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball Table Game

Many people would like to play the Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball Table Game, since Sportcraft is a very reputed manufacturer of equipment and supplies for various indoor and outdoor games. The Sportcraft company was founded in the year 1926 by Walter and Sophia Holdstein. The company started manufacturer sports equipment for outdoor games initially and gradually expanded into all types of games. The company manufactures a number of foosball tables, in different designs, dimensions and materials to cater to the requirement of their customers. Most of their tables are available offline at retailers.

Type of Table

For Sportcraft-57-inch Foosball-Table Game, it should be noted that Sportcraft has a number of foosball tables. The AMF Torino model is of length exactly 57 inches and it will be reviewed in detail. The Oxford and AMF Varsity foosball tables from Sportcraft have a length of 57.5 inches and will not be reviewed in greater detail. However these foosball tables from Sportcraft have are similar in some respects since they are mainly made from wood. They also have counterbalanced players. These are furniture style table, which can be used to complement the decor.


The Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball Table Game can be played for recreation, it is not considered very suitable for tournaments. The AMF Torino table is the most expensive foosball table from Sportcraft, and uses dark colored cherry wood. This ensures that the table will not look dirty quickly. It is a furniture style table, which is aesthetically well designed. Unlike most other foosball tables, it has legs which are arching, to give it an unique look. The table has a wooden veneer finish. The finish is hand rubbed to give the table a unique look. The width of the table is 32.5 inches and height is 34.75 inches. The table weighs 185 lbs.


This will be enjoyable because the table is well designed. The players are life like and are counterbalanced so that they remain in their place, after a shot has been played. However, the toes of the players are round, so it may be difficult to play some more difficult shots. The play field is coated with melamine to make it resistant to abrasion, and helps in a better ball grip. The steel rods on which the players are mounted are made from solid steel and are chrome plated for greater durability. The table uses the traditional bead style scoring with beads which are chrome plated. Ball returns are provided at each end.


Before playing the first Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball Table Game some assembly will be required. Instructions for assembly will be provided. There are a total of four footballs which are provided with the table, with two footballs of different colors. Additional hand grips are also provided. These can be used to replace the hand grips which are damaged, after playing a number of games. The corner ramps are made from chrome plated metal. The table should be wiped clean regularly to remove any dust or dirt which is accumulating. Many people are interested in purchasing furniture style foosball tables, so these tables have a resale value.

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