Indoor Fun with the Indoor Soccer Table

How can a muddle of hectic craziness on an indoor Soccer Table, accompanied with some spirited mouthing of gleeful banter and meaningless utterings, frequently interspersed with the occasional foul expletives, albeit often well-meaning, not appeal to anyone seeking some frenzied indoor bustle as recreation? You said it! That does sound like a lot of fun! Sports and recreational activities have progressively evolved, transposing outdoor favorites into corresponding indoor versions, which essentially and effectively addressed the growing time and space constraints in an urban milieu. One such universal love that has hugely enjoyed global acceptability and adoption is Foosball. Its growing popularity has, in fact, even witnessed the spawning of professional clubs, leagues and hackathons, widely prevalent today.


With the Spanish and French both staking claim to the game’s humble origins, the term definitively can be attributed to the German “Fußball”, and traces back to the growing popularity of football in the early 1920s’ Europe. Also called table soccer, foosball was immensely popular in North America as well by the 1970s when the Indoor Soccer Table was often seen at bars and pool joints across the country.


This tabletop game, primarily requiring an Indoor Soccer Table, is loosely based on football. Control knobs, mostly human-shaped plastic or metallic figures fixed as foosmen on eight horizontal rows, direct a ball into an opposing team goalpost. Players on each side control four rows that constitute an appointed goalkeeper, and the defenders, midfielders, and strikers. Rules in Foosball are flexible, and could regularly vary as per local trends, say a routine coin toss establishes who serves first, and a ball randomly placed at the feet of a center-row figure or served through a table-hole, commences the frantic attack as players manipulate the rods to control the affixed human mounts. However, the ITSF, or International Table Soccer Federation, has certain basic guidelines standardized for contests and events.

Fun And Frolic

Foosball buffs can easily indulge in the sport at any given opportunity, be it a quick revitalizing break from the office routine, or an after-hours get-together; of course, weekends at home are also total fun and frolic, with foosball, friends, and fizz, all centered around an Indoor Soccer Table.The feverish pitch of the game is known to instigate phenomenal energy levels and incredible speeds, when emotions run high, and passions are zealously revived.

Product Offerings

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