Businesses can Make Money with a Coin Foosball Table

Many recreation and entertainment related businesses are told that adding a Coin Foosball Table can help increase their revenues without adding staff. A large number of people have office jobs which are mentally strenuous, hence after a hard day at work, they will visit a bar or recreation center to relax. They will watch sports matches, play pool, foosball and other games to de stress. Most of these people do not have pool and foosball tables in their home, since they are large and expensive. However, they are usually willing to pay a small amount to play table games at the bar, and the coin table automates the process.

How It Works

Before purchasing a Coin Foosball Table, the business owner should understand how the table works. The exact design of the table varies depending on the manufacturer, and most of the top brands have their own table. However, most of the tables have a coin mechanism which accepts coins of a certain denomination. The business owning the table, has to specify the amount the user has to pay to play a foosball game on the table. If the coin inserted is of the specified amount, the table will release the balls, so that the user can play a game of foosball. The mechanism can be programmed to accept different currencies.

Table Design

In addition to the coin mechanism, an important factor which a buyer has to consider is the design of the Coin Foosball Table. Unlike a foosball table kept in a home, the coin table will be used continuously for longer periods of time. Hence it is important to ensure that the table is of high quality and durable. The table should be made from wood or heavier material, so that it does not shift when shots are being played. Additionally the table should have a leveling mechanism, so that the playing surface remains flat. The steel rods and players should also be of high quality.


Many bars already have a number of games like darts, pool, slots and having a Coin Foosball Table will increase the sports facilities at the bar. Many people will choose a bar or recreational facility to relax after work, based on the sports facilities available. They may feel bored playing one game for some time, so they are looking for other games which they can play. Hence, recreational places with a large number of sports are more popular. These facilities are usually charging their customers on basis of the games played, or the time these facilities are used.


There are many advantages of purchasing a Coin Foosball Table for increasing business revenues. No staff is required for the table, any customer who is interested, only has to add the amount specified and he will be able to play the game. Hence based on the number of customers who play games, the business will have an additional source of revenue, which is highly automated. Unlike other coin operated machines, the business will not have to worry about ensuring that supplies are available. Depending on the demand for the table, the business can adjust the rate for a game as required. Hence the coin table is an excellent option to boost revenues for businesses which have some free space available.

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