What Foosball and Table Soccer is About

Foosball and Table Soccer is one of the most upcoming loved table – top games in the word having are top roots in North America. This game resembles soccer in which the ball is moved by manipulating rods to which small object like players are attached and kick the ball. Compared to many games with specific rules and regulation, foosball has no unified rules in playing the game as rules vary depending on how you plan to play it. It can be played as a single opponent, double, or teams of up to 4 teams. It can be played by both genders, young and old and the only equipment used is the Foosball and Table Soccer.

How it is Played

The game involves using the players put on a bar to kick the ball on the opposite side of the table. It contains eight rows of foosball men in each side. The eight rows consist of the goal keeper, defence, opponent attack, midfield, opponent midfield, attack, opponent defence, opponent goalkeeper. This game always starts been served through the hole just like in the pool and any player is allowed to start the game. For most games that involve professionalism, a coin is tossed to determine who can start the game. With the help of a player, Players inside the court are able to hold, pass or kick the ball. Control of the game is easy and it just requires one to be focused and ready when making a move.


Unlike other games of which rules and regulations are governed strictly, foosball game has no fundamental rules that should be applied to any foosball game apart from spinning. Spinning is illegal. As per International Table Soccer Federation, spinning is defined as the rotation of the player inside the foosball table more than 360 degrees. Using spinning means to take a way some elements of skills from the game and one may end up disqualified from the game.Also, there are rules governing the table soccer. The winner is the first player to score five goals. A ball which enters the goal and then returns back to the field is still counted as a goal according to ITSF rules.


Table soccer is mostly played in schools, bars and also homes. Most competitions worldwide are regulated by International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) every year. This has also not only brought different culture and diversity together but also people interact together making the game is more fun. Winners are awarded with great prices and furthermore honored. ITSF body regulates all gaming rules and regulations and violation of this during the competition could have diverse effect during the games.

Foosball as a Profession

Just like other games, foosball game can also be a profession. Many people use this game to earn a living and sustain themselves in the day to day activities. Averagely a professional foosballer earns almost $ 45000. There are always training grounds that offer special trainings for one to become professionals in the game.

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