What the Antique Foosball Table Can Be For You

Even though an antique foosball table is not ideal for diehard players. However, visually they are adorable.
They have curved legs and a beautiful design, and these make it naturally attractive. It is also unique.

Fat Cat Table

This brand concentrates mostly on antique tables. The fat cat manufactures a lot of antique foosball tables, which appear as though they originated from France. A prominent one is the queen series, the queen series comprise of 3 fat cat models, they are queen Victoria, the Contempo and the queen Anne foosball table.

Queen Victoria Foosball Table

The legs of this foosball shows it is an antique foosball table. It is constructed from solid oak. Entirely, the table is made of wood from the handles, cabinets down to the legs. The solid oak provides the table with great stiffness and the counterbalanced players and 3-man goalie provide great playing fun. Taking a look at the design of this table creates a memory of ancient history.

Queen Anne Foosball Table

This is yet another antique foosball table derived from the queen Victoria foosball table. It is also made of solid oak and it’s leg design take after the the queen Victoria Foosball table. The distinguishing aspect of this table is the the special decoration embedded on the cabinet. Due to the solid oak, this foosball table is undoubtedly durable and stable. Moreso, it features counterbalanced men in the play field and this affords a fascinating experience. Personally speaking, I prefer the queen Anne foosball table, as it is thematically more beautiful.

Contempo Foosball Table

The contempo Foosball table is not entirely an antique table, but rather it s a retro style table. This makes it stand out from the other fat cat tables. The legs are not designed like the queen Anne’s or queen Victoria’s, yet they appear antique. The table is also made from maple wood and this renders great stability to it.

The table is designed to look old, with the cabinet embedded with fine decorations and and the legs with wood carvings. This makes it fascinating.
I feel this foosball table is more like a Classic antique foosball table.

Bonzini Table

Fat cat is not the only brand that deals on antique foosball table. Another important maker of antique foosball table is the bonzini. The bonzini makes a unique style foosball table. The bozini features the two drawer and 12 drawer foosball table. These two foosball tables are ideal for all sitting rooms.

The 2 Drawer Foosball Table

This table does not have a stylish leg design. However, what it doesn’t have in a stylish leg design, it has abundantly in the characteristic shine and stability of the table. As the name implies, it has two drawers. Moreso, this antique foosball table features a sturdy and heavy cabinet, a hand-painted men, kid-friendly and aluminum polished goals.

12 Drawer Foosball Table

This is a typical antique foosball table, it’s distinct from the 2 drawer antique foosball table in that it has 12 drawers. It is also made from a solid wood and therefore sturdy, durable and stable. It features smaller foosball handles, beechwood cabinet and hand-painted men.

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