Replacement Foosball Players and How to Pick Them

While playing foosball regularly, the feet of the foosball players are most likely to suffer from wear and tear since they are used for intercepting, holding and kicking the ball. Due to the repeated impact while intercepting the ball, the foosball player may get damaged and develop cracks. This can adversely affect the foosball game, since the damaged player will not be able to perform well. Hence those who have a Foosball table should regular examine the Foosball players if they are damaged in any way. The person can then arrange for one or a complete set of Replacement Foosball Players. Some of the considerations while replacing the players are discussed.

Foot Design

One of the main considerations while selecting replacement foosball players is the design of the feet of the players. Earlier design of Foosball players had smooth rounded toes, which make it difficult to intercept, control the ball, and also make shots. The newer players have feet with a cross hatched design with a pointed toe. The feet also have a grooved design. This makes it easier to intercept the ball as it is being kicked. It is also simpler to manipulate the ball altering the position and rotating the ball. The crosshatched foot style is also more suitable for making sophisticated Foosball shots.

Player Weight Distribution

Another important criteria while choosing replacement foosball players is the weight distribution of the players. Since the foot of the player is mainly used in the game, some manufacturers make players with the weight of the feet more than the head. These players are not stable and will not remain in the same position after a shot has been made, they may rotate. Hence it is advisable to purchase players which are counterbalanced with the weight of the head same as the weight of the feet. These players will remain at the same place after a shot has been made, and the player moves to the next set of rods.

Replacement Player Installation

Another important consideration for buyers of replacement foosball players is the ease of installing these players. Most Foosball tables have a Foosball rods of diameter 5/8 inch and the hole in the Foosball players should be approximately of the same size. If the hole is larger than the rod diameter, the players will be loose, and will rotate. If the hole in the player is smaller than the rod diameter, it will not be possible to fit the replacement players on the Foosball rod. Hence it very important to check the diameter of the hole in the player before purchasing it.

Material of the Replacement Player

It is advisable to purchase replacement foosball players which are of the same material as the damaged players which are being replaced. Though metal Foosball players are made, they are used only rarely. Wooden Foosball players were used in older tables, and they should be only used if the table originally used these players. A majority of the Foosball tables are using plastic Foosball players, and the players made from ABS plastic are usually the most durable. Cheaper players may be made from low quality plastic and will be lighter. These lighter plastic players will not be able to apply much force to the ball when it is being kicked.

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