60 Inch Foosball Table is Preferred With More Players

Though the standard length of a foosball table is usually mentioned as 56 inches, in many cases, a 60 Inch Foosball Table is used by many professional foosball players. It should be noted that the length of the table which is mentioned is measured as the outer length of the table. The inner dimensions of the table will be less, depending on the thickness of the walls and other features of the table. Though most of the companies are usually selling tables of size 56 inches or less, there are a few companies who are selling tables of length 60 inches for a number of reasons which are discussed below.

Doubles Games

One of the reasons why a 60-Inch Foosball Table is preferred in some cases, is that the table is used for playing a game with a total of four players, with two on each side of the table. Though a majority of the foosball games have one player on each side of the table, it is also possible to play a doubles match with a total of four player positions. Since the standard tables of 56 inch length are best suited for a single player, those who play doubles are interested in a slightly larger size of the table. This larger table of length 60 inches will have more space, which is appreciated if the players are heavier and bigger is size.

For Training

Another reason why people prefer a 60 Inch Foosball-Table is because it is more suitable for training or teaching. Many people have not played a game of foosball earlier, and they will require some training in the game, before they can start playing it.Hence they will require someone who will stand next to them and guide them on how to handle the rod, how to play the shots. If the table is larger, it is more comfortable for a person to stand next to the new player, and teach them the intricacies of the game. More people can also watch the game comfortably for a larger table.

Space Required

A business or family who is purchasing a 60-Inch Foosball-Table should ensure that there is enough space in their home or office for keeping the table. Since the length of the table is more than the standard table, they should ensure that there is sufficient free space of length 60 inches or five feet for keeping the table. The players will also require some additional space for standing and moving around when they are playing their shots. So most of the manufacturers are specifying that the room where the table is placed should have free space of length 8 feet and width 10 feet to play the game comfortable.


Buyers who are purchasing the 60-Inch Foosball-Table should be aware that there are a few disadvantages of purchasing a larger table. For people living in large cities, with high real estate rates, their home may not have enough space for keeping the table. It will also be more difficult to move the table from one room to another or outdoors because of its larger size Since more material is required for the larger table, it will also be more expensive compared to standard tables. So though the number of players and rods is the same, buyers should check the free space available before ordering the table of size 60 inches.

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