Foosball Table on Wheels can be Easily Moved

Many people are considering purchasing a Foosball Table on Wheels, especially if the table is made from wood and is heavy in weight. The tables with wheels are either fold-able tables which have two wheels and standard tables which have four wheels. Though the wheels are making it easier to transport the table, the buyer should check the design of the table and the wheels to ensure that he can play the game properly. It should be noted that a table with wheels will be more expensive than a standard table, due to the additional cost of the caster wheels, and designing the table to incorporate them.


Businesses and families usually purchase the Foosball-Table on Wheels because of the flexibility they have and other advantages. Many of the high quality tables are heavy in weight, so lifting a table is likely to be more difficult for a single person. Dragging the table could damaging the flooring or carpet. Hence if the players are not very strong physically, it is better to purchase a wheeled table, since it can be moved from one place to another, without applying much force because of lower friction. Additionally the risk of damage to the flooring is also less.

Folding Tables

Usually the Foosball Table on-Wheels is a folding type table, which is designed to fold up vertically so that it can be kept against the wall to save space. The lower part of the table is not symmetrical, with one half of the table having a pair of wheels. When folded, the wheels form the lower part of the folded table, and the rest of the table will rest on these wheels. These wheels also make it easier to move the table in the room or area where it is kept based on the convenience of the table owner. Since the floor space is expensive, while vertical space is underutilized, most people prefer folding tables

Outdoor Tables

Compared to folding tables, there are fewer Foosball Table-on-Wheels with four wheels. These tables are mainly outdoor tables, whose location the user is changing frequently depending on the requirement. Moving a table daily can be cumbersome, and more people will be required. Hence some companies are selling outdoor tables, which have four wheels, so that they can be moved easily from the living room to the balcony or other area of the house. However, these tables are difficult to find, though some companies make custom design these tables based on the customer requirement.


It is advisable to check the design of the Foosball-Table on-Wheels, since adding wheels can alter the design of the table drastically. For a foosball table, stability is an important consideration determining the quality of the tablet, since the table should not move when the shot is being played. Hence when the foldable table is unfolded, it is designed so that the part with the wheels are not in contact with the ground surface or are locked. This ensures that the table is stable when foosball is being played. In a similar manner, tables having four wheels, should ensure that the wheels are locked.

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