Tips to Purchase Foosball Table

When you want to purchase foosball table, you should always remember that they come in different price ranges, sizes, and styles. Since the foosball tables are flourishing in the market that gives you the chance to select which foosball table you are willing to purchase. Before you do so however here are main things to consider so you can purchase the correct foosball table that you like.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Foosball Table

1. Type

Whenever you want to purchase foosball table, you should remember it is available in three types which is the tabletop, standard, and the combination type. Whenever you need a foosball table, then the standard type is wanted is mostly being pictured. The standard foosball table design enables it to be in a single place meaning you will do the work of assembling it together. The foosball tables made of the standard type are made using components of high quality. The type of tabletop foosball table is used to be a mini foosball table because of the small size it has. The type is best to purchase for the kids that don’t have more space where full-size foosball table can be placed. This one can be placed onto a hard surface even if it is the floor. The combination foosball table is used for many table games available and they only vary with the manufacturer and model.

2. Construction

Purchase foosball table with higher quality which is the one with solid woods. You should be cautious about the humidity for the foosball table woods because when it is placed where humidity is high, you might find a warped playing surface later. Get tables that are made using particle and composite board. The composite surface is known to be very durable provided their thickness is at least an inch. The particle boards are cheap hence they break down time after time.

3. Leg Levelers

Purchase foosball table which has leg levelers to ensure that it doesn’t offer an unstable standing position. The table can be problematic mostly when they set it onto the ground that is unlevelled. To ensure that the field you are placing your foosball table is level, you should purchase foosball table which has h=leg levelers. The levelers will ease your work since you will easily adjust these legs to a stable position.

4. Goalie Configuration

When comparing the tables before you purchase them, you will see some foosball tables with a single goalie and others with three goalies. Get the table with one goalie set-up if you are the experienced player since it needs more precision and skills. When you play with a table for a single goalie will help you in being the best player. However, when you play with the table for three goalies, it serves well all the beginners and the kids. You should always remember that when you purchase foosball tables with high-end then they might be changed from three to a single goalie set-up.

5. Playing Rods

Purchase Foosball tables which have the playing rods and always select the hollow rods which are lighter compared to others. When you play with them, your game’s speed will be speeded up. You can also consider purchasing Foosball tables with solid steel rods thought they have their shortcomings.

Purchase Foosball table after confirming the above things since they will help you to get the best Foosball table.

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