The Rules According to USTSA Foosball

When learning to play Foosball or if you are interested in getting involved in the game, then there are certain rules that you have to abide by when playing a tournament. These are the USTSA Foosball rules that most tournaments follow when hosting them. Some of these are really basic and are the core rules of Foosball. We are here to tell you all about them. Once you learn the rules of Foosball, you can make a decision on if this game is for you and if you want to continue practicing it and learning to play.

The Most Basic Rules

Some of the most basic USTSA Foosball rules are the following. The first one is determining who is going to go first in a match. This is done by a coin toss. Whenever the coin is tossed, whoever calls the correct side is the winner of the coin toss and gets to go first. The other rule is how to determine if a ball is live or not. There are certain criteria that makes a ball dead. One of them is if the ball gets out of reach of any player. This means that none of the rods can reach the ball and it is just there doing nothing. The other ways are if the ball makes it outside of the table completely or bounces on the edge on the sides. In this event, the ball goes back to whoever had it last.

Other USTSA Foosball Rules to Follow

Some of the other tournament rules are the no spinning rule. This means that someone who is spinning their rod a full 360 degrees is breaking that rule. You are not allowed to turn the rod that much without actually making contact with the ball. This is something amateurs or people who have no idea how to play Foosball usually do. In tournaments though, you are expected to know that basic rule. You can spin the rod, you just have to make sure that there is a reason to do so and that reason more than likely is that you are doing something with the ball. Another important rule to make sure you follow and not do is moving the Foosball table itself on purpose. This means a deliberate act of making the Foosball table jerk or move in an attempt to throw off where the ball is going or distract your opponent. This is also against the rules.

Following the Rules

If you want to be a decent Foosball tournament player, then these USTSA Foosball rules are some of the most basic ones to follow. There are more of course which you should learn but this would be a great starting point to practice even when playing casually. The rules are there so the level of play is fair for everyone and no one is trying to gain an unfair upper hand. Foosball should be fun for everyone and it can be when everyone plays the right way.

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