What Foosball Replacement Parts to Get

When you own a Foosball table, after a while it is possible that you will need to get yourself some Foosball replacement parts. These parts are available to anyone who owns a Foosball table and may need to do certain repairs on it if there is a part that has gone bad. Some common replacement parts are usually the Foosball ball themselves. Since these are always getting hit around, eventually you may need to replace the one that came with your Foosball table. These are easy to find and does not take much research to find the correct one. Just match the one that came with your Foosball table, this means do not buy a cork Foosball ball if the table you have does not play well with cork.

Other Foosball Replacement Parts to Consider

When you have to get new parts for your Foosball table, the Foosball balls are not the only ones. There are also Foosball rods that you may need to get. Sometimes they can start to get weird and not work correctly all the way. This is when it is a good idea to just replace the rod. A bad rod can lead to some frustrating play sessions of Foosball if it goes unfixed. When ordering a new rod, make sure that it goes with your Foosball table and that it is actually a well reviewed replacement part. Like anything that you order online, usually you’ll find reviews about the item that you are ordering. If the item is reviewed poorly, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from that. Like we said earlier, you also want to make sure that the rod you get actually fits your table.

New Foosball Players

Some of the other common Foosball replacement parts people can get is the Foosball players themselves on the rods. These are usually made out of plastic and over time can get weathered out or even chip off depending on the quality of the table that you have. If this were to happen it can really affect the game that you are trying to play and cause issues. It is recommended that you do replace any of the Foosball players that are not in 100% condition. You need to make sure that when playing Foosball, all the parts are as in top shape as possible.

Where to Get These Parts

In order to actually order Foosball replacement parts, you normally would go to Foosball stores online. These are the places who have the Foosball parts that you will need in order to fulfill the repair that you have to do on your table. If possible, check the store that you bought your Foosball table from. If it is a Foosball specialty store, then more than likely they’ll have replacement parts as well. A common accessory to have for your Foosball table is oil for the rods. This makes sure that it keeps the movement smooth of the rods to play well.

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