How the Retro Foosball Table Looks

When you are in the market for a Foosball table, it is nice to have different options. These options are all pretty extensive, what you can check out as a potential table is the retro Foosball table. This table is a nice throwback to how Foosball tables used to look like. Foosball table designs haven’t changed all that much since Foosball’s inception, at least to its core. But what definitely has changed are the materials, the cabinet, the different Foosball players on the rods. Many of these things can look different on a retro Foosball table.

 The Foosball Players

On a retro Foosball table, what may be noticeable at first is how different the Foosball players look like on those rods. These are an important part of the table as well since they are the part that is what most players are concentrating on besides the ball. In today’s, more modern Foosball tables, you may notice more intricate designs on the Foosball tables. These designs can include things such as an actual face on the players, maybe a jersey kit. There are many things people tend to do now to those Foosball players. But on a retro table, usually you’ll see plain designs of Foosball players that do not have faces. They’ll have more of a solid shape to it.

The Cabinet

A retro Foosball table can have different styled or colored cabinet than the modern tables we are used to. This can vary from a very simple plain design to a more complicated color scheme that throws it back to the 70’s or 80’s. Whatever the design may be, if you are buying an actual used table from someone who is reselling an old one then what you want to make sure is that it still is in a condition that is playable. Unless you are able to actually somehow fix Foosball tables, you may not want to buy a retro table that can’t play because it may be missing some things. Just remember to do your research before making a purchase.

Availability of Tables

When seeking out a retro Foosball table, there are a couple of things to note. Firstly, there are not many available brands or designs of retro tables, so your options are a bit limited. Another thing to note is related to what we touched on above which is the second hand or resale market of these tables. These are essentially the avenues to take when looking for a retro styled table. Regardless of how you acquire it, these Foosball tables are a great purchase when you are looking for a certain look. Maybe you are building a retro game room full of arcades and other fun things which a retro table can really fit into it. Finding a retro table can be a lot of fun. Once you found the one that you want can be exciting to build and add to your game room to play Foosball.

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