How Well Does the Sportcraft 57 Inch Foosball Table Do

When seeking for a new Foosball table, you would do well to choose the Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball table. This table is a model that is great for all types of establishments and homes. If you are looking for a new Foosball table for your business, this is a good table. If you want a Foosball table for your home so that your friends and family can play and you can have some great family time with playing this game, then this table can work well for you. There are certain things to keep an eye out when buying any Foosball table. Those things are the reviews, the prices that are offered, and the availability of it in other places.

What are People Saying About It

When searching for a Foosball table, the Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball table can provide you with plenty of fun. Just see what other people are saying about it and how they are enjoying it. The best and most informative way to see what people are saying about a particular table is to watch video reviews. These video reviews provide a nice way to really go in depth of how the table performs. The person who made the video can even do a demonstration that can provide a quick play through of how it does with some high energy play. You definitely want a table that can deal with that kind of play in case you start getting good at Foosball and want to practice seriously.

How Much Are They

The Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball table varies in price a bit depending on which retailer you get it from. Even though they vary a bit, the price is usually in the upper 100’s, just under $200. This is more on the affordable side of the Foosball table prices. Many of the higher end tables tend to go upwards of $600 to over a grand. All of this is dependent on the brand and manufacturer and the store. If you are seeking a table that can really give you that kind of play that you need for high level game time, this table can provide that. That being said, as we said, this is a more affordable table and there may be some things that this table does not have that may be available or a feature in the more higher tier tables.


The availability of the Sportcraft 57 inch Foosball table is for the most part online. Like many Foosball tables lately, a lot of these tables are put for sale mostly online since it is a lot easier to just have it in the warehouse and then ship out, than to send to a store and find some store space to display. Shipping straight to the customer is a preferred practice when it comes to a big item such as a Foosball table. Getting a Foosball table is a great experience with all the options that are available to you as a customer.

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