What is a Regulation Foosball Table

To an existing game room in your home area, foosball game could be the perfect pack for completing your game room. The table dimension does play a huge role in defining the comfort ability of playing the game. The full-size table is probably the Regulation Foosball Table, also known as the standard foosball table size, which is most preferred. Let’s know in detail about it:

• How Much Room One Needs?

You must be very sure of the size of the room and the square footage of the basement or playroom. When you start playing, everyone in the room has to fit in well. Besides, the cane also needs enough space to help you pull comfortably. Just as you try to measure foosball, you need to think about the space you need to play this game. Depending on the size, you will be able to understand if the regulation foosball table, which is the standard one that you are eyeing on can fit or not.

• The Standard Dimension:

A regulation foosball table sized table is 30 inches wide, 56 inches long and 36 inches high. To make the space full of people to play comfortably on the table, you will need to give importance to few things: you must take into account to add 3 1/2 to 4 feet all the sides of the table width for playing the game in comfort. Do not forget to measure your space for the proper dimensions of 10 feet wide by 5 feet in length to make sure you have enough space to fit your table.

• The Rod:

While we consider the length the width of the regulation foosball table, width does not include the rods. Therefore with considering this aspect, the rods can add 12 to 18 inches to the overall width when extended. With the additional space required, it is important to be sure before buying the table. To get a table and the rod fit comfortably in the game room or your basement, best is to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the actual length of the rod of your table, as this will somehow affect the overall length. So be practical before deciding by considering the rod factor too.

• Weight:

There are no fixed weights for full-size regulation foosball table; there are many tables available with varied sizes. Some tables weigh less than 100 lbs, while others weigh nearly 400 lbs. This does not affect the dimensions of the table but should be considered for proper fitting in the room and overall strength.

• Are there Other Sizes?

Yes! The standard regulation foosball table, which is the full size isn’t the only type of table available for you. Other ones can fit your home. In addition to this one, there is still a small and mini-size foosball table as well. Remember, you should not buy a standard foosball table if you do not have sufficient space in the room. In case if you need to buy it! Make enough space for it.

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