Tips on Foosball Moves

Many players who wish to improve their foosball game want to learn new Foosball Moves so that they can improve their game and win games. There are a large number of people who are playing foosball games recreationally in their offices, bars, homes and parties. On the other hand, there are some players who enjoy the game, and wish to play the game competitively. They would like to compete in foosball tournaments locally, at the state level and national level. Hence to improve their game, they are interested in learning new moves and getting other tips from professional players.

Avoid patterns

One of the most effective Foosball Moves is ensuring that the player does not follow a pattern while playing the game. This ensures that it is difficult for the opponent to predict the next move. It is important to look at the goal from the viewpoint of the opposing player, to check if there are any gaps in the the play, which the opponent can exploit. It is important to learn to cover the gaps and also the edges of the goal. This will help the player to defend against even the most difficult shots which are being played by the opponent like the snake shots, pull shots

Keep Moving

Another of the recommended Foosball Moves is that the person should keep moving, when their opponent is playing a shot, so that it will be possible to block the shot. The competitor may have the ball on the third rod and has about fifteen seconds to make his shot. Instead of remaining in one place, while the shot is being played, it is better to keep the players, and rods moving, so that the competitor will find it difficult to plan his shot. It is also important to space the two players in the defense evenly so that it is easier to block a shot.


Compared to defending against an experienced opponent, the Foosball Moves for offense, scoring goals are more difficult. To hit a goal, it is important to have excellent ball control. Most people are focusing on improving their control of the three player rods, they often neglect the control of the central five player rod. It is also more difficult to control the five rod, because a majority of the players are not left handed, so it is more difficult to perfect the shot. For this rod, the player should focus on mainly on the wall pass and lane pass. There are videos available with detailed information.

Learning Shots

To score well in a game, one of the best Foosball Moves is to learn shots which the opponent will find difficult to defend. The snake or rollover shot is widely considered to be the most difficult shot to defend in foosball, and most of the new players, focus on learning the shot, so that they can win points easily. There are many video tutorials available. It should be noted that the rod is properly lubricated and the person should have a proper grip to be able to play the shot properly. Other shots which are effective for scoring goals are the push, pull kick and pull shots.

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