Benefits To Owning a Quality Italian Foosball Table

Baseball may be “America’s Favorite Passtime”, but Foosball is EVERYONE’s favorite pass time. The Italian Foosball Table, with its slick glass top and lightweight plastic balls, makes for the best gameplay, by far. The ball is able to seamlessly glide across the board which creates a far more exciting and challenging game. The balls used in this popular table sport have been measured traveling at speeds up to 35 miles per hour; With an Italian Foosball Table and some practice, you might be able to break the record! The design, style, and colors of these tables vary between different designers and manufacturers; There is surely one out there which perfectly suits your unique style!

Who Can Play Foosball?

Foosball, also known as Table Soccer, is a fun game for all ages and skill levels! An Italian Foosball Table makes the perfect addition to any family room; Introduce your kids and teens to a favorite game from your own childhood. It’s a great way to get them off of their phones, laptops, and gaming consoles and trick them into spending time with the family instead. Chances are, after their very first round, they’ll be begging to play again and again! After all, Foosball was a real-life video game long before there were video games! Maybe a foosball table can even help your offspring appreciate what the world was like before iPhones existed. Italian Foosball Tables are also a great addition to any house party if you want to become known as a “legendary host” among your own group of friends, and beyond!

The International Table Soccer Federation & Foosball Gameplay

The ITSF, or International Table Soccer Federation, is the leading authority in Foosball. Their website offers a complete, official rulebook where you can read all about how to properly (and fairly) utilize your new Italian Foosball Table! The gameplay itself is rather simple: Each game consists of five points, with the final game of the match reaching a maximum of eight points, with a two-point margin. Matches are usually won by the first team to win three out of five games unless stated otherwise by the tournament director. If you’re extremely passionate about the game of Foosball, ITSF even offers tournaments at the professional level, in countries all across the globe!

The History of Foosball

Some say the Italian Foosball Table was invented in ancient Italy and used in the very first Foosball tournaments which were held in an attempt to please the gods and bring about a good harvest… but those people are lying. Foosball is, however, an incredibly nostalgic “sport” that everyone can play, regardless of their actual athletic ability, or perhaps their crippling fear of getting hit by the ball. There has been some controversy surrounding who invented the beloved sport. It is said to potentially date back as far as the 1880s but was first patented by Harold Searles Thorton in 1923. Foosball did not gain much popularity until the 1960s, when it became a household name, and remained as such until the invention of video arcade games, like PacMan. Whether you are wanting to cash in on a bit of childhood nostalgia, or want your own kids to experience the wonders of this popular table sport, an Italian Foosball Table makes a very unique and appealing addition to your home!

Benefits To Owning An Italian Foosball Table

Foosball is a fast-paced reactionary sport that can actually help to improve your hand-eye coordination! If you’re looking to get out and get more physical, an Italian Foosball Table can even help you “train”; There is now a human version of foosball that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Yes, you heard that right- human foosball. Players hold onto polls and defend their assigned positions on the field in a real-life version of the beloved table game. Whether you’re hoping to master the original version and get involved in the worldwide foosball tournament circuit or become a famous athlete in the sport of “human foosball” without needing any natural athletic ability at all, owning your own Italian Foosball Table will help you in your quest! Foosball truly is the greatest pass time and will bring together family and friends of all ages to make some amazing and unforgettable memories.

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