Things to Know About the Tabletop Foosball Table

A Tabletop Foosball Table is a foosball table which can be placed on top of a table or any other flat surface. It is different from a conventional foosball table which includes legs. While playing foosball, a lot of force is applied for hitting the ball and the table may become warped, legs may bend. This affects the game, since a flat surface is required and the table may have to be discarded. Hence increasingly many people, especially those with a limited budget are considering purchase table which is designed for use on a flat surface like a table, and does not have legs.


One of the main advantages of purchasing a Tabletop Foosball-Table is the price of the table. Since the table does not have legs, less material, effort and time will be required to manufacture the table. It will also be easier to transport the table, since it is smaller in size and weighs less. Hence the cost of a tabletop table will be significantly less than a conventional table. Another advantage of purchasing the table is that it will take up less space and can be easily stored when it is not in use. This makes it suitable for smaller houses or offices, where a foosball table is purchased for recreational purposes.


The size of a Tabletop Foosball-Table is usually smaller than a standard foosball table since it does not have legs. Usually most of the standard tables are about 55 inches in length, while the tabletop tables are typically 40 inches in length or smaller. These tables are smaller, so that a single person can easily carry the tables and place them on the flat surface, and also store them after they have finished playing. All other dimensions of the foosball table are proportionately smaller. Since the size of the table is less, these tables are more suitable for children who are smaller.


The design and quality of a Tabletop Foosball-Table varies depending on the price. More expensive tables are made from wood, while cheaper tables will made from MDF or plywood, and the thickness will vary. All other features like foosball players, steel rods, goals, scoring, field, marking, ball returns will be similar to conventional foosball tables, only these may be slightly smaller in size. The table can be placed on any flat surface, and players sit on either side of the table, to play the game. When not in use, it should be stored carefully, so that the parts are not damaged.


Since the Tabletop Foosball-Table is smaller and lighter, there is a possibility that the table will slip, if a lot of force is applied while playing the game. This problem will be faced more often for cheaper and smaller tables, since the material used is likely to be thinner. Hence the players will have to move the table repeatedly to restore it to its original position. Since these tables are mainly for children, they are not very durable, and will break faster. They will also have a lower resale value, as they are not made from high quality materials. They cannot be used for tournaments.

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