Figuring Out The Official Foosball Table Rules

Foosball is an indoor table top game that is based on the game of soccer. Foosball table rules are the regulations that guide the gameplay of foosball since, like any other game, foosball and table soccer have rules so as to maintain a fairly effective game. The objective of the game is to control the playing characters using the knobs and pass the ball past the opponent’s playing characters and score before the opponent scores. The rules for playing foosball are as follows.

Number of Players

Foosball rules require that the game be played between two people, one against the other or between four people, two against two. When the players on each side are two, one takes the defensive role and controls the defensive playing characters while the other one takes the offensive role, controlling the offensive playing characters. The players can exchange the roles only after the next serve.

Game Starting

Normally, this game starts by flipping a coin where the winner gets to choose their side and serve the ball to kickstart the game whereas the loser takes the other side. Foosball table rules require the ball to be kickstarted by being served from the serving hole and after a goal is scored, the one who conceded the goal should serve the ball for continuation.

Gaming Situations

Foosball table rules provide guidelines for handling various situations during the game. These situations include; dead ball, this is when the ball stops or gets out of reach of the teams, when it stops between the middle bars, it is reserved and when it stops behind the middle line bars, the nearest defender serves the ball. Out of bounds is a situation where the ball gets out of the playing region, that is beyond the playing tabletop, the player who did not the ball out of bounds gets to serve the ball.
Any playing character on the field can score a goal which is counted even when the ball gets out of the goal after entering. The players switch positions after every time out.


Foosball table rules require the following foosball rules to be followed so as to maintain successful gameplay; No spinning, It is very tempting to spin your rods 360 degrees so as to get a goal, but this is not allowed and in this case, your opponent gets to serve the ball. You are not allowed to jar/move the table with your body so as to dispossess your opponent, in this case, the opponent regains possession or else they can also serve the ball. On the time limits, you are supposed to keep possession of the ball for about ten seconds in your midfield row and fifteen seconds within the other rows. One is required to score five times/five goals so as to be declared a winner. One is not allowed to reach the play area if this happens, a penalty is given and if the opposing team was in possession, they get to kick the ball, and if you had possession while doing so, you lose possession.

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