Designs for Children’s Foosball Table

Many families, schools and recreation centers are interested in purchasing a suitable Children’s Foosball Table due to multiple reasons. If younger children are left alone and do not have any interesting activity to keep them busy, they are likely to fight with each other or get involved in some mischief. Foosball is becoming increasingly popular, and many children enjoy playing the game. However, many of the foosball tables available are more suitable for adults. Hence many families and schools would like to purchase foosball tables which are specifically designed for children.


There are many advantages of purchasing a Children’s Foosball-Table compared to other sports equipment. Many of the sports can be only played outdoors, and in many countries it is extremely cold in winter, it rains heavily at other times. Other sports also require specially designed playing grounds like football grounds, tennis courts which are few in number. When children are outdoors there is always a danger that they may be kidnapped, or injured. Hence, many parents prefer to have their children play indoor games like foosball, where they do not have to travel, and can be monitored easily.

Table Size

One of the main consideration while purchasing a Children’s Foosball-Table is the size of the table. The table should be purchased based on the age of the children who will be playing foosball. If the children are less than nine years old, it is advisable to purchase a smaller table, which is forty inches or less in size since it will be easier for the child to control the rods and players. For older children and teenagers, the family or organization can purchase a larger table. It should be noted that children grow quickly and they may not be able to use the smaller tables after some years.


The buyer of the Children’s Foosball-Table should also consider the price of the table while purchasing it. The price is directly proportionate to the size and quality of the table. Since children grow quickly, it is not advisable to spend a lot of money while purchasing tables for smaller children. The smaller and cheaper tables will usually be adequate for the small children. To save money, the buyer can also purchase second hand or used tables. For older children, it is better to get a more expensive quality table of standard size, more than 40 inches, since the table can also be used by adults.

Comparison With Other Table Games

Children can also play other table games indoors so the family purchasing the Children’s Foosball -Table would like to find out how Foosball compares with other table games. Though table tennis is a popular indoor game, the size of the table is larger so more space will be required for keeping the table, and playing the game. Many families may not have that much space in their house. Air hockey is another table game, however the air hockey table has a fan, which often will malfunction after some time, and cannot be used. In comparison, the foosball table has no electrical parts or components, so it is more reliable and less expensive.

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