Things to Know about the Foosball Set

When choosing to play ”foosball”, or ”table soccer”, some initial questions may be ”How to play the game?” or simply, ”Is choosing to buy a foosball set right for me?”. No problem, there are endless things to learn about foosball prior to purchasing a foosball set. Stick around to become an expert in playing this popular sport.

Basic Foosball Rules

When following the rules to foosball, there are only a few, but crucial points to remember. If you are choosing to play casually, and for fun, these basic rules are great to get your started.

– Spinning the foosball set rods is not allowed.
– If the ball is hit within the goal on legal conditions (fair play), the point count regardless of who hit it in.
– Every foosball set comes with a number of 9 balls, thus the team to reach 5 goals first is the winner.

Following these rules is great for basic players, but some more important rules should also be implicated for a more ”fair” play:

– The team to serve first will be determined by flipping a coin
– It does not matter the shooting strategies used when scoring a goal, as long as one of the men touches the ball before it is shot in the goal
– After any goals, the team that was shot upon will serve the ball next
– The ”Dead Ball” is declared when the ball stops moving while still on the playing board of the foosball set, and is to be given to the team that was last scored upon
– The ball can only be within one place for 15 seconds on the playing board

Types Of Games

The most common game play on foosball sets is ”Out Of 9” meaning the team to reach 5 points first, wins. There are however several variations to the game, such as playing singles, where it’s one person on each team and controls 4 of their rods. The doubles game is when there are 2 people on each team, and one player per team is in charge of the defensive rods, and the remaining player controls the offensive rods, and the 5 rod. The ”Goalie War” is also another format of playing, where the offensive rods are not used, and only the defensive rods are, along with the goalie rods.

Vary Patterns And Movements

When finding strategies for your gameplay to win, most people will turn their rods and hit the ball ”in chance” meaning they have no end goal of the specific direction for the ball to be hit to. A key component to winning your game on these foosball sets, is to memorize plays and positions in which you should keep your men so you can essentially pass the ball instead of randomly hitting it off. Your opponent will also be keen to memorize your strategies, so make sure you find various plays and alternate between them during your game.

Types Of Foosball Sets

Stand Alone Foosball Sets

Obvious by their name, these foosball set  stand on their own. The are the most popular and traditional foosball tables you can find, all with variations of wooden or metallic touches on the legs or borders. These typically are the largest foosball sets you can find, and will cost more.

Tabletop Foosball Set

These foosball set are almost identical to the ”stand alone foosball sets”, however require a flat surafce as they do not have legs to hold them up. The sets are typically found at a lower price, but many people will also find convenient that they are portable.

Purchasing a foosball set only gives one great pleasure and satisfaction to play if choosing it is the right purchase for your home or location. Considering the history of they are made also only makes it that much more interesting to play. From spending time with your family to burning a few extra calories reaching alongside the board to turn your rods, foosball sets are a popular game insured to provide you with hours of entertainment.

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