The Custom Foosball Players to Talk About

You want to order a Foosball table. You want to make it yours. So now you’re thinking to yourself, how are you going to achieve that? Well an easy way is to think about adding custom Foosball players. These custom players will make you different from the usual tables you see that people have. You can change it up in anyway that you like that is available. You can have different colors, different head sculpts, maybe even throw in a different kind of torso and feet look. There are some with full soccer kits available. It’s all up to you and how you want to go about it.

What The Options Are

When you are looking for options for the custom Foosball players, there are a couple different things as we mentioned. First off, one of the biggest things that will make your Foosball players different from the others is having a different head sculpt. A head sculpt is essentially what the head of the players look like. Some have bald with no face. Some have hair and a nose and mouth. There are many possible combinations. Another option that you can add or not is giving the players are more life-like soccer look. By that we mean adding a jersey and shorts. A full kit as they call it.

How to Color Them

Another option for the custom Foosball players is the option to change their colors. Usually the options are solid colors that are colored onto the mold. A lot of tables these Foosball players have a different color to separate it from the play field. What we mean by that is that it would not be a good idea to have the players with the same green color as the play field. It’s nice to get some color blocking so that it would be easier to differentiate between the teams, the ball, and the field. When you get some custom players, get creative. Really differentiate yourself from other people’s tables.

What is Offered

Of course when you want custom Foosball players it all is dependent on what the capability is on the manufacturer or distributor. It is often worth to consider pricing too. If you want something extremely custom that there isn’t even a mold for, then be prepared to pay a pretty penny. Usually it has to be worth for the manufacturer to take on the job and will charge a fair amount for the it.

When thinking about getting custom Foosball players for your Foosball table, there is a lot to consider. It would be easier always if you had a direction to go in and can essentially lead the distributor or manufacturer in a way that they can understand. Like we said though if it is something outside of what they usually do with exception of a different color, the cost may go up and up. This doesn’t make it impossible, but it is something to keep in mind.

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