Here are the Top 10 Foosball Table Complaints

The first of the top 10 Foosball table complaints that you usually hear is that the table looks boring. When wanting to give people what they want, you have to remember to make it exciting for them. No one wants a table that has a dull design, make it hip and modern!

Table Delivered Damaged

The second of the top 10 Foosball table complaints is that for some reason the Foosball table arrived with some damages. It is crucial that these tables are well protected during shipping. You do not want angry customers that waited already for their Foosball table and then to top it off have it come with damages.

Difficult to Assemble

Here’s one that you hear quite often, the table is too hard to put together. When you deliver a Foosball table, it is way more cost effective for everyone that it comes in separate parts and have the customer put it together. That being said it needs to be that they have an easy time assembling it. Avoid having to make them drill holes and doing complicated methods of putting your table together. All this will do is build frustration and will look bad on you.

Missing Parts and Instructions

The fourth of the top 10 Foosball table complaints is that there are missing parts or even instructions. This is a frustrating issue with any self build product like furniture. You want to make sure that every part is accounted for. You also must include that instruction booklet!

Table is Not Sturdy

Making a cheap Foosball table may help you save some money but it can cost you in the long run. One thing customers hate is a product like a Foosball table that is not sturdy or level. Maybe some error happened in manufacturing and the table just isn’t sitting right. This can cause an enormous amount of frustration by the customer. Even worse if the ball can’t roll straight, this will affect the entire game now.

Table is Too Light

Another of the top 10 Foosball table complaints is that the table is too light. When playing Foosball there’s a lot of pulling and moving around. This amount of force requires a table that can handle that. Making a light table that will get pulled and tossed around just won’t work for people. They’ll consider your product cheap.

No Cup Holders

A big use of Foosball tables is to put them in bars. When at a bar people tend to have a cup in their hand with their drinks. It’s nice that when playing Foosball they’re able to put their drinks down.

No Rod Guards

Putting rod guards at the end of rods are important so that children do not get hurt by rods being pushed out. Including this will make your product all that more appealing to parents.

Ball Return System is Bad

When scoring a goal, the ball then comes down a channel that returns it to the players, you want to make sure that your customers are satisfied with this return system so that they can get back to playing.

No Instructional DVD

Rounding out the top 10 Foosball table complaints is one that would help players learn to play. A free DVD that teaches tips to being a better Foosball player goes a long way in customer satisfaction. It’s a nice bonus for them that shows you want the best for your customers.

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