About 8 Man Foosball

Foosball, which is also referred to as Table Football is a game which is based on football played on a table top. Players will control and guide the ball towards the opponent’s goal with an attempt to score using control knobs. There are foosball tables designed for single opponents, those for doubles and teams of up to four players. With the growth popularity of the game, there has been development in foosball table where an 8 man foosball table is available. Just like the other foosball tables, 8 man foosball table uses control knobs to control the ball. However, the table allows for teams of up to 8 players.

Design and Make

The 8 man foosball table offers great fun to players. This can be a very enjoyable addition to parties and events. The tables are equipped with Liquid Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting around the field of play. This gives the playing field a beautiful look making it a unique playing environment. The foosball bars are made of stainless still. Also, the table has adjustable levellers in case the table is on an uneven surface.

Size of 8 Man Foosball Table

The tables are relatively big. This is one of the reasons why its custom built is made to split into two halves to make it easy for transport. The table has a length of 56 inches by 31 inches and a height of 36 inches. It has a considerable weight of about 200 pounds.

Play Formation

There is two goalie deference style or one goalie defense style. This will depend on the make or how one wants the table-top customized. The foosball men, which are the characters in the games, are distinct with one side having red color and the opponent black. The table enables for 10 beaded abacus scoring style on both sides of the table.

There are tips and some fine details you need to know to make you better in playing the 8 man foosball game.
•For a goal to be valid the ball must be touched by at least one player.
•When the rod completes a 360 degrees spin without touching the ball that is regarded as an illegal move.
•When you release foosball men they retreat to a vertical position. If you are using counter weighted men you can have them well balanced and avoid blocking your own shots.
It will be fun exploiting these tips to beat your peers in the game and make your weekend leisure complete.

Types of 8 Man Foosball Table

Foosball tables can be grouped into two grades. A home model and a professional model. These models are also available for the 8 man foosball tables. The professional tables are built to a higher standard compared with the home model. What professional 8 man foosball tables have in addition is the advanced features. This may include counter weighted men and high scoring systems with the aim of making the game more competitive. The 8 man foosball tables are the recent additions in the market. They can be customized in different models depending on the manufacturer and customer preferences.

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