It’s now time to review the Warrior Professional Foosball Table.  For those of us that play foosball on a regular basis, whether it be at home with friends or at a local pub tournament, we often struggle to find a tournament quality foosball table that is offered at a reasonable price.  Sure, there is the Tornado foosball table which is at the top of the list for quality, but it also comes with a very heavy price.  In fact, the Tornado foosball tables can be as much as 2 or 3 times the price of the Warrior foosball table.

Our Review of the Warrior Professional Foosball Table

So, we thought it was time to give the Warrior Professional Foosball Table a quick run through and see what we like and don’t like about it.  First, the price is great.  At the time of this writing the cost of a brand new Warrior foosball table is just $599.00 when you catch it at it’s advertised discount price, which is most of the time.  When it comes to the quality of the table it is pretty good.  The construction of the cabinet is decent.  Not quite as heavy duty as the Tornado foosball table, but definitely much better than any other table that costs less than $500.00.

How Does The Warrior Foosball Table Play?

On to the play-ability, which is what we all really care about.  How does this new Warrior professional foosball table play in real time action?  That’s one of the best parts.  It’s plays really well and it’s a ton of fun!  The foosball table doesn’t quite feel as solid as the other leading brand, but it doesn’t have to.  It’s still a great table to enjoy beating your friends on.  The table has very good ball control for passing and shooting, including shooting bank shots from the goalie position.  You can easily pin the ball and move it around without much effort.  The rods slide nice and fast which always adds to the excitement.  All in all, a very nice table when it comes to how well it plays.

Foosball Table Features

One of the nice features that the Warrior foosball professional table includes are the rod guards.  They are installed to make sure no one, especially young kids, get hit by the rods while players are moving the rods back and forth.  This can really help prevent a lot of injuries to kids and we’re all for that!

Foosball Table Assembly

When it comes to assembling the Warrior professional foosball table, it’s fairly straight forward and takes about 30 minutes once you get it unboxed.  There are 3 boxes instead of just one really large heavy and bulky box.  This makes it easier to bring into your home.  You won’t need two giant men just to get the boxes into your house!  From there, you just start putting the cabinet together, add the legs, rods and men and you are pretty much ready to start playing.

Well, I hope that helps out some of you that were trying to decide what type of pro foosball table to get.  For those of us that love the game and are living on a budget, this new Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a good choice!

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