The 3 in 1 Foosball Table and What it Can Do

People who wish to purchase a Foosball table would like to find out if it is better to purchase a 3 in 1 Foosball Table. While a combination table is not very suitable for those who are planning to play the game professionally and spend a lot of time practicing, in most homes the Foosball table is purchased for children and for entertainment. The children may get bored of playing one game continuously, hence it is advisable to have a combination table, which allows the owner to play multiple games. This also the preferred entertainment option when parties are being held for children and others. Some of the advantages and tips for purchasing a combo table are discussed.


One of the main advantage of purchasing a 3-in-1 Foosball Table is that it will require less storage space when not in use. Most people do not live in very big homes, so they usually do not have space for three different types of sports tables. Also the cost of a combination table will be usually less than the cost of purchasing three different tables for three different games, since all the games are using the same stand. The combination table can be used to decorate the room. It allows the family owning it the flexibility to play the game which they choose depending on their interest.

Types of Games

One of the most important considerations while buying a 3 in-1 Foosball Table is the type of games which can be played. In addition to Foosball, tables are available with different types of games like snooker/pool/billiard, glide hockey, table tennis, table hockey. So depending on the games which the buyer is interested in, they should search for the tables available from different manufacturers which have a table of their choice. In some cases, the games may be mounted on either side of the table, or separate tables for each game will be provided.

Design of the Table

While purchasing the 3 in-1 Foosball-Table it is recommended that the buyer checks existing reviews to find out the feedback from those who have already purchased the table. Since these tables are inexpensive they are usually made from laminate material. In most cases the billiards or pool table is forming the bottom layer. The table should be ordered after considering the profile of the persons who will be playing on the table. If children are playing games on the table, a table of shorter height will be required, and if adults will also be using a taller table or a table of adjustable height will be recommended.

Assembly and Conversion

Another factor which should be considered while purchasing the 3-in-1 Foosball-Table is the ease of changing the game which is being played on the table. In some tables it is possible to change the game quickly, simply by replacing the table on the top, while in other cases, some more time will be required.There is usually a clip for each table to fix it on the table below it. Usually the seller will provide detailed instructions on how to convert the Foosball table into a table for playing another game like billiards or glide hockey. If billiards or pool is being played, the upper tables will have to be removed.

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