Why Is A Warrior Foosball Table A Unique Brand, You Are Not Aware Of

The Warrior Foosball table is high end foosball table suitable for novice, professionals and those who play for fun. Most of its features are high end making it a quality and durable foosball table. This foosball table has certifications from TSF & USTSF. You can find some of excellent and unique features of Warrior foosball table that can be benefits you.

Sturdy And High Quality

The Warrior Foosball table has high quality and heavy components that makes its sturdy and grand look. It remain fixed without moving when you play a aggressive and long duration games. It is durable enough to can intense shots and safe as well with custom guards placed on playing rods. The surface layout and materials are professional grade. It has high precision printed field on the surface which is clear and crisp. It has durable and thick cabinets and laminated surface to prevent scratches.

Stable and Level Table

The Warrior Foosball table has adjustable leg levelers to adjust the table surface as horizontal to ground. When the table is in proper level, the ball moves unbiased without getting pulled on to any side. The rubber material to its feet and heavy weight of the table provides more stability and firm grip on any uneven surface.

Smooth And Controlled Play

The Warrior Foosball table has counter-balanced men to help you play the a smooth game. In the counter-balanced foosball men, the head and foot have equal weight so that the men do not get tilted and make you loose your balance. The feet of the foosball men are rigid and gripped handles to help you play a controlled and smooth game. Moreover, the smooth surface helps you play aggressive, fast-pace shots.

Superior Quality Rods

The Warrior Foosball table has high grade steel rods with a chromium finish on its surface. The chromium coating resists corrosion and looks shiny for years to come. They are light in weight and do not bend much. This helps you play different types of shots with ease and in quick time.

New Technology Rods And Players

The Warrior Foosball table has unique bearing design in the play rods. It has female bearing design for quick installation or change when the bearing needs to be a repair. The play rods also has a male bearing design made of high durable component. A dab of silicone inside this bearing makes it one of the smoothest rods to play among the foosball tables in the world. You can play your fastest shots with this unique combination of bearings which no other foosball table has. The foosball players have uniform weight from head to feet for balance rod movement. The foot of the foosball players are bit wider to allow you to play a controlled game and block more shots from your opponents.

With the unique and high end features, you can notice that the Warrior Foosball table in one of its kind that is suitable for both novice and professionals. You can play on the tables for years together as its high quality and durable foosball table.

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