What The Difference with a Single Goalie Foosball Table Makes

Foosball tables don’t vary much in function. You have your 5 rod, 3 rod and such and your goalie rod usually has 3. But with a single goalie Foosball table, now you’ve made a change. This will make things very interesting. Most people are used to having those three goalies on the goalie rod but with putting one goalie there, the defense game is changed up. We’ll go over just exactly how this changes things and what you can do if you ever come across a Foosball table such as this.

 How to Play Differently

There are a couple changes you can make in order to change up the play style when playing on a single goalie Foosball table. One thing is you have to be very mindful on your opponents 2 rod.  Usually this is where they are going to strike from and take advantage of the fact you only have one goalie defending the goal and preventing a point. Learn to adapt to your opponents tendencies and see if they are getting aggressive with their offense. On the other side of that too, they have one goalie as well so use that to your advantage as well when playing. It may be useful to make use of further bank shots since they won’t have the benefit of having multiple goalies.

The Challenge of the Play

Of course on a single goalie Foosball table comes the challenge of really trying harder to prevent goals. It’s likely that the games are finished faster since it’s just natural that points will be scored easier with only one goalie on that rod. Like we said above though, so will your opponent so use that to your advantage and be aggressive with your offense. Without the benefit of the usual three goalies on your goalie rod, you need to step up your defensive game as well. Like we said, learn how your opponent is playing. With how quick the games could go with more scoring you may not have as much time as you would on a regular table, but it is crucial that you do.

The Popularity

A single goalie Foosball table isn’t the usual way most people play Foosball but it is an enjoyable alternative to the usual style of play most people are used to with Foosball. If you are interested in this form of Foosball, you must understand that it is different than the usual and if you get too used to it, it will be different when you play with a usual goalie rod. That being said it’s not like the game changes drastically but it is something to keep in mind.

With all being said, the single goalie Foosball table is a fun, different way to enjoy Foosball at a different speed. Much like how other sports do different ways to enjoy it, the same goes for Foosball with the one goalie. If you are interested in giving it a shot, you should and see if you like it.

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